Colour and Pattern


I used to be so afraid of colour and pattern that I avoided them entirely – what a waste! With age comes a certain confidence (if nothing else …) and I ventured in both colour and pattern starting with those that I always liked such as blues, yellows and pinks to lift my beloved neutrals of navy, tans and whites. Now I find myself mixing everything and loving it. These two scarves were bought separately a long time apart and only recently did I see how the colours are echoed in both – the magic of Hermès!

imag5834This is a raincoat by Aquascutum, one of the Heritage brands I’ve always been a fan of. Believe it or not I didn’t know how to wear it for years and only pulled it on this Winter. It has a warm removeable lining and even on wet and cold days, it’s sufficiently cosy due to my cashmere layers underneath. I’m wearing a Men’s Valentino pure cashmere jumper that I scored a couple of Winters ago. It’s super warm and cosy and a great short tunic shape.imag5837I wear it with jeans/brogues and skirt/boots combinations. So useful when it’s too wet for a wool or cashmere coat. Of course I should like a similar raincoat in a navy!

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