Spring 2017: Updates

We are in Spring aren’t we now, I mean for real? I don’t know about where you are but where I am, it’s been going from one extreme of cold and wet weather to sunshine and blue skies with temperatures in double digits (‘C).

Life remains hectic with 3 teens (well my youngest is 12 but started to behave like a teen for the past couple of years) and everything else is full on. I have started on home improvements with the garden and outside areas which will mean a much more enjoyable summer time being outdoors although still at home.

In terms of shopping, I have managed to stick with my bi-annual shopping lists and last Autumn stocked up on washable silk shirts, a couple of linen shirts and cashmere jumpers to add to the existing rotation. Recently, my Spring/Summer purchases are basically footwear: these are updates to my beloved ankle boots – newer lower tops and pointy toes to offset my wide duck feet, pointy toe flats (ish) I’ve been searching for the last few seasons and a classic low wedge espadrills.

My wardrobe is getting more and more streamlined, not as quickly as I’d like to be able to work on it but it’s going in the right direction. You’ll find mostly cashmeres and coats/outerwear which reflect my life and the climate I live in. The main challenge has been to accept that I mostly no longer wear high heels and so all my low and flat footwear have come out to play. Luckily, there is more choice now of flattering, classic with a modern twist styles available.

My staples:

  1. jeans and softly tailored trousers
  2. crisp cotton, silk and chambray/denim shirts
  3. cashmere jumpers/cardigans
  4. a couple of favourite skirts (denim/tweed/wool) and dresses
  5. cashmere/wool knee length and pea coats with trenches for outerwear


  1. ankle boots/knee boots/brogues/loafers/slipper styles
  2. cashmere/silk shawls and scarves
  3. beret and gloves
  4. bags, bags and bags! Thanks for spotting the omission 🙂

Thanks for reading!


12 thoughts on “Spring 2017: Updates

  1. dottoressa

    I could resonate with almost everything you’ve written
    It was hard for me, too ,to accept that I couldn’t wear heels or completely flat shoes any more,and that I have to learn to admire beautiful shoes in shops or my friend’s wardrobes.
    But,to paraphrase Crosby,Nash,Stills &Young:
    “If you can’t wear shoes you love,love the shoes you wear ”

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