Travel: Long Haul, Long Weekend Part 1

I used to only have to travel for pleasure – well if I put aside my incompetent packing and naturally poor travel ability that is! But you know I have improved a lot with my packing skills and picked up a few tips that work to make it easier physically. In recent years, I’ve had to travel abroad for work which is always challenging when children have to be looked after and organised. As my 3 grow older, it’s become easier in some ways but more difficult in others so I’m not sure where we stand at the moment on that front!

Recently I had to travel long haul for basically a long weekend which meant I only needed a cabin bag. I did not have much time to plan my packing but it worked out alright in the end mainly because I had learnt to simplify so many things already.

I always start with shoes, listing down where my feet have to go: this time I will be using the hotel’s swimming pool, a long meeting and enjoying a bit of easy sightseeing (not mountain climbing like here!). Secondly, what will I need to carry which helps me choose a bag.


  1. pool flip flops – I don’t wear these off the beach or pool area
  2. Marni low heeled sandals – smart enough and appropriate for the meeting and location’s climate
  3. Metallic leather ballet flats – travel shoes – I always wear closed toe shoes when travelling

Of course comfort goes without saying now, right?

Next I think about the outerwear that I have to wear when traveling to the airport. I almost always choose a knit jacket and this time, a light one was enough.


  1. light knit jacket
  2. 2 pairs of softly tailored trousers
  3. 3 tops


  1. 90cm Hermes silk scarf (part of my travel outfit)
  2. necklace and cuff in addition to my usual jewellery

Travel outfit:

  1. navy softly tailored trousers
  2. black synthetic tee
  3. beige knit jacket
  4. 90cm scarf – very early morning start
  5. metallic leather ballet flats

Other clothing:

  1. swimsuit
  2. silk print sarong


  • I generally always pack at least skirt and/or dress because I do prefer wearing them in warm or hot weather and even if I don’t get to wear these during the day, I like to use them in the evenings for dinner or just to change out of day’s outfit
  • to simplify, I always wear the same outfit flying out and back home again.
  • I don’t underestimate the change of outfit needed in a day if the weather is very warm or hot because it’s just a lot more comfortable to wear clean clothes afterall
  • generally, I don’t like to spend time washing clothes when I’m away but I’ve come around to washing the odd tee shirt on this trip

Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “Travel: Long Haul, Long Weekend Part 1

  1. Pret a Porter P

    It amazes me how often I see people go through airport security w/o socks or in super high stilettos. I can understand having to look a certain way leaving and upon arrival but I would definitely be wearing flats and socks as soon as the car drops me off. I like how your packing sounds sensible and of course effortlessly chic. I hope your trip was productive!

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Me too! I’ve seen people wearing flip flops at security. I wear those foot socks with ballet flats if I can’t wear proper socks. This time no one was asked to remove shoes which was a change. It was a good trip, thank you! Yours look absolutely wonderful – just caught a glimpse and will pop over to have a good read.

  2. dottoressa

    I like travel posts and it seems that you’ve had a well chosen wardrobe for your trip
    I always wear the same outfit for departure and arrival flying,too
    To simplify,I usually wear fresh smart casual outfit for the evening (if it’s appropriate) and for sightseeing next day (maybe with the change of shoes and bag)

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks very much for your input! I’m still learning and practising. I also like to change my bags and definitely shoes (especially in a warm climate).

  3. SA.

    I love these tips, especially the points about footwear. It pains me to see two ends of the spectrum at airports – either super high heels or flip flops.

    The Lindy has been slowly growing on me. Do you love yours? I love your soft trousers / jeans collection, from what I have seen on your blog. I am short and finding good, casual pants is such a pain. Would you please share your favorites and your tips, if you are comfortable sharing those details.

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      It’s funny isn’t it! Thanks very much for your input and questions. Of course I’m more than happy to share my tips and more details about the Lindy. Hope to get a post put on the Lindy next week, in the meantime if you do a search on the blog for ‘Lindy’ you should get several results spanning the years.


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