Travel: Long Haul, Long Weekend Part 2

This was my travel outfit and luggage plus scarf (not shown). It was comfortable, easy and appropriate. My Samsonite 4 wheeler is the best, light and strong! the Lindy 30 is my preferred travel bag. I love the Lindy shape and wish for a 26 size in a yummy colour …. just sayin’ 🙂

I felt smart enough without trying too hard – or worse – looking like I tried too hard! The more comfortable you are, the more confident and therefore better you look. That’s what I had been missing previously – although I looked good, I didn’t feel comfortable enough. This is a tricky balance to achieve because everyone has differing levels of comfort and how they want to present themselves. But there is one thing I choose not to do and that is wear either leggings/joggers/jeans on a plane.

Notes re smart casual pants and jeans: the navy pants above is an ideal style for me because it’s got an elasticated panel at the back of the waistband and smooth at the front. The little ties add a little touch of casual but not too much. They are a synthetic mix but feel pretty good and are machine washable. The cut just happens to work on me.

The white pants below are basically an easy ‘boyfriend’ jean shape made in a linen mix material so is softer. I happen to like how they fit and hang on me. It was an ongoing search to find the fit I wanted coupled with good materials that wash well. Yes, these ones do crease but not excessively. I’m glad I stocked up on the black version and would have bought the navy as well but from what I remember, it wasn’t a nice shade of navy.

I’ve always loved wearing all white and in hot climates it’s an obvious choice. As I learnt to simplify my packing, I chose it as a staple. You’ll see from past travel outfits that I have worn these pants several times, over a few years now. They are a cotton/linen mix by Gap from many seasons ago and I have them in black and a beige chino versions. Only the top is relatively new and it was the first time I’d worn my trilby off the beach or poolside. I’m not a hat person at all but conceded that I must wear something for protection. They add a certain élan to my outfit which I wasn’t planning on! Here is another white top which was a very lucky sale find at Zara from many seasons ago that is another travel staple. It’s a linen Kimono shape (super easy to fold lol!) that’s very versatile. Here with the blush colour version of the softly tailored pants, the navy version is part of my travel outfit. The Marni sandals are also a travel staple from many seasons ago I bagged from The Outnet.I only took a couple of items of accessories for such a short trip. The cuff, horn necklace and scarf, I left the silver necklace at home in the end.I felt the few accessories worked well and made me feel polished enough in an understated way which was exactly right for the type of trip I was taking.This scarf is a favourite Spring/Summer scarf and doubles up as a halter top like this and yes, worn with the same white trousers above 3 years ago!


  • choose the best quality luggage you can
  • choose only good quality sunglasses
  • choose and stick to a simple colour scheme – mine is black/white/neutral
  • I rely heavily on my accessories and jewels for colour, interest and impact
  • I rotate similar pieces in my closet to fulfil the same criteria for travel
  • I no longer have excess ‘just in case’ items

Thanks for reading!


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