Travel: Long Haul, Long Weekend Part 3/3

Although this was my travel outfit, I knew to wear the Marni heels for a smarter look. On this trip, knowing the material dries well, I actually washed the tee shirt the following morning after my arrival only for Housekeeping to knock on my door offering complimentary laundry service literally as I hung it up over the bath. Note to self – check the laundry provisions at check in 🙂My all ‘dark outfit’ which I felt was more appropriate for the evening – same pants with the Marni heels. This is when I realised that I’d forgotten one of my usual travel rules – to pack at least one dress or skirt. I had packed neither and either could have been used instead of wearing my navy pants again. And so it was time to return home.There happens to be a little Hermès concession at the airport and I was the only person besides the lonely SA. I thought she would be glad of some company ….. 🙂 On display was this Maxi Box Cabas. It’s just beautiful! The colourway was perfect for me. It’s lined with a zipped pocket in the wall. Perfect! My experience of the Halzan dates back from a visit to Geneva here. My observations then were that I would prefer the bag to be lined and to come in a smaller size. Three years on, the Mini Halzan was born fully lined and a dinky 22cm length across.Handheld. Cross body. It’s a really beautiful bag in my favourite leather ‘Swift’ and ‘on trend’ as a tiny bag. The colour was not for me – in fact I’m having trouble relating to the current season’s colours by Hermès. Maybe my taste is too classic. I checked online and the bag was available in ‘Cuivre’ which looked like a darker version of my beloved ‘Brique’.


  • travelling slightly out of season can land you with a room upgrade that may come with extras for free but never assume you’ll get it!
  • for me the pack a skirt/dress still holds true even for a short trip
  • organise yourself to try all that is offered in/around the hotel because chances are that you may never return and it’s an easy way to relax while still being a bit active (I’ve never been one to take root at the beach or poolside)

Thanks for reading!


7 thoughts on “Travel: Long Haul, Long Weekend Part 3/3

  1. happyface313

    🙂 Looks like you had a great trip.
    At least you found time to check out some Hermès bags.
    Did you end up taking one home?
    Have a very HAPPY Sunday 🙂

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      I enjoyed my trip more than expected thank you! No, I didn’t take any of those bags home. I’m in the middle of my bag edit and need to decide about my needs and not my wants 🙂

  2. lady sarah in london

    Lucky you – complimentary laundry is my 😊dream… what hotel was that? The last hotel I booked it was one of those US inventions where they charge you extra for breathing and whatever else one may choose, do NOT touch the minibar. 😐It was like the cost of remortgaging!

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      I really wasn’t expecting anything more since I thought it was a good enough bargain when I booked months a go. It was the Traders Hotel (Abu Dhabi) which is run by the Shangri La Hotel just next door to it. I assumed my check in lady happened to be interested in marketing as well since I was a first time visitor and you know, sometimes, if it’s within your power to make someone else’s experience better, why not use it? She was just one of those employees who’s worth their weight in gold lol! And her ‘strategy’ worked, I am planning to take my whole family there next time.


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