The Lindy

In response to Lady Sarah’s questions: “…. Perhaps you could post the inside of a Lindy, what it fits and why you like it? Does it work better than say plume, Kelly or B (irkin)?”

First a little background on my Lindy. I got her preowned in 2011 and she was only my second H bag and the first of my non Kelly bags. At the time, I was intrigued with the shape and how different it is from the Kelly I worshipped. I thought it was the Etoupe colour that at the time, was an incredibly popular new colour. In fact the colour turned out to be Gris Tourterelle which is similar (lighter, cooler though still warm enough toned than Etoupe) and is a much,much better shade for me. I was lucky enough to score it when it was very much an under the radar style although it still cost more than each of the vintage Kelly I later bought. If you do a search on the blog, you’ll find many posts on the Lindy as I have used her regularly over the years.

She fits nicely under the seat on flights. Normally I put her in an Envirosax bag when going through security and keep her in it in flight but I forgot to bring one.

This post shows the different ways the Lindy can be carried. The wide strap is very comfortable and the double handles make her easy to carry even when fully loaded.

So this is the inside of the Lindy. You can see the inner open pockets at each end that correspond to the outside of the bag. And this is what I carried on the last trip:Clockwise from top left: sunglasses in case, mini water bottle, Karo pouch, pen holder, clear plastic bag with items as per Airport security requirements, mobile and charger, card holder, scarf, brush, passport, travel wallet, wallet. After security I put the items from the plastic bag into my carry on suitcase.


  • wide shoulder strap is very comfortable even when the bag is at capacity
  • the depth of the bag means in can hold more than it looks
  • the handles are easy to grab and go
  • the open pockets inside and out are very practical for cards, passport, receipts and other papers (I try not to put my mobile in the outer open pocket obviously)
  • the zips and lock make it secure though I usually leave the zips open with just the lock on for easier access
  • it’s a good length on me snug against my side


  • the clemence leather is thick so on the heavier side but it’s balanced out by the fact that I don’t overfill
  • in my case the colour does show up dirt easily
  • for average to tall people, the strap length may be a bit too high up


I really love this bag mainly because it’s easy to use, is secure and can carry enough for travel and as a work bag. If I needed to carry less, I would always take a Kelly 28 here and here and wanted a more formal or dressed up look for travel since I also have the choice of a strap or hand carry.

Here is where I have used a Plume 32 for travel. It’s certainly capacious enough but for me rather too spacious and I always prefer to be hands free when I travel. However, since then I have acquired the smaller Plume 28 which I know will be too small for my needs when travelling. The same reason of needing to be hands free means I do not use my Birkin here for travelling not to mention that it’s a statement too far for the way I travel.

I really hope I’ve answered your questions Lady Sarah …… 🙂

Thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “The Lindy

  1. SA.

    Thank you so much for this post!! You are helping me immensely in my decision to get a pre-owned Lindy. I did go back and check out your previous posts about the Lindy as you suggested.

    I just have couple of questions about the bag closures:
    Does the bag feel secure leaving the zips open with just the turn lock closed? Do you ever feel it is inconvenient getting in and out of the bag?

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you! Glad to assist.
      I do feel it’s secure enough to leave the zips open with just the turn lock closed because of the way the bag hangs from my shoulder and is quite close to my side. And no, I find it really easy to access. If on the go and it’s on my shoulder I can undo the turn lock and fish about inside or I just put it on my lap/table/chair if I need longer to find something but it’s so easy to see what’s inside. Hope this helps.


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