Fun and Functional: Woven Bags

I’ve always loved how straw bags have so many happy associations: holidays, Summer, countryside, picnics, carefree … In fact I find the woven texture interesting in itself. Introducing my trio of Summer joy. You get the idea of the size of the bags next to my tiny espadrilles.

This one is made of black woven leather. It has an inner drawstring pouch which makes it pretty safe to use and I typically only put in my wallet (a Dogon coin purse), mobile and lipstick.

This is the proper straw bag and it’s so cute in this mini size. I was clear about how I was going to use it and that is to carry the minimum casually at home. It’s not something I would take on holiday with me but of course would take it on a day trip to the seaside with the family perhaps as a second bag to carry my sunglasses case, wipes and sun cream, that sort of thing.

We decided years ago to stay home in the Summers because it became too crazy to join so many others on the mass exodus to hotter climates when we have more than enough to enjoy at home and lots to experience close to home. We’re Summer holiday ready! Are you?

Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “Fun and Functional: Woven Bags

  1. dottoressa

    Lovely straw and woven bags-I have a couple of open market ones,from Croatia to Malaysia (a gift)-a little bigger than yours-they bring “don’t worry-be happy” summer atmosphere!
    When I started to work,I was spending my (working)summers in the (empty) city- and I actually liked it. I’m sure that your summer would be very nice indeed
    If one can spend holidays out of the frenzy of top season at the sea-it is really beautiful
    I love the sea and swimming very much -but this year couldn’t be sure if and when I could go,depending of my father’s health situation and bussines-September would be perfect. We’ll see! In the meantime,I’ll enjoy here

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts. I love to holiday by the sea too! It’s just wonderful to be near and in the water, the sunset and sunrise.
      I do hope you Father’s health improves, must be such a worry. We’re thinking of you both.


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