Closet Additions: Summer 2017 Edition

UPDATE: the dresses above are the ones I ended up with … and edited out more than this from my wardrobe! I’m really pleased with this ‘set’ as it gives me a lot of versatility and they are incredibly easy to wear – a factor that’s becoming most important to me.

Far left, a denim shift still available here is a must in my dresses collection, with long sleeves and pockets as well means it’s ideal (in fact all these dresses have pockets!). The yellow linen dress is a proper curry yellow and such a flattering shape (this style seems to be come up small to size so I sized up) here on final reduction. The lovely russet red dress is even better than expected, it’s a few inches above my ankles so a great addition for me also on final sale here. Alas the green dress is sold out but the same style is available in different colours here. It’s a flattering fit and simply pops over the head.

Though Summer seems to have deserted us again, I can still wear each of the dresses layered up and/or with warmer shoes going into Autumn which can be pretty warm afterall. Yikes, can’t believe I wrote ‘Autumn’ already!


Once upon a time, when I was young, UK Summer holidays were warm and sunny, sometimes actually hot. In more recent years, it has literally rained almost the entire Summer. It didn’t matter to us so much then since we were usually away for most of it. Most recently the weather became warmer and drier again coinciding with our family’s decision to remain home and explore our own wider neighbourhood and surrounding counties rather than jet off abroad.

My holiday wear is rather covered up in comparison to those who usually visit resorts/beaches and I realised, reliant on air con somewhat. Well, this year thanks to a sustained heat wave early in the Summer, I found myself struggling to stay cool in the clothes I had and having enough to cope with up to 3 changes of outfits a day. I do not own many traditional Summer clothes because the season features so very small in my life. Summer shoes, yes, I consciously invested in those because I particularly like to change footwear often in warm weather at home and away. I had to rethink my needs in this context and of the rest of my wardrobe and shopping habits. I was able to do this in the different categories of my wardrobe:

Skirts: I only added this navy drawstring pencil skirt to my stash of skirts and trousers. A very easy style in linen.

Tops: I’ve been relying on shirts almost exclusively and they just weren’t cool enough so added these.

Lace is always a good idea. I always wore little lace tops when in my 20s and 30s during the Summer and want to do it again.  Dresses: I realised my dresses needed updating again, the first round was moving away from styles that had a definite waist. Now I need sleeveless to stay cool and not worry too much about upper arm exposure.

As you can see everything has to be as simple as possible and washable. I’ll update further once they’re road tested! Hope you’re all enjoying your Summer home or away.

Thanks for reading!


7 thoughts on “Closet Additions: Summer 2017 Edition

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks it’s a great colour – in real life it’s a little paler because my daughter has a boho dress version of it and that’s what made me love the material and colour.

  1. dottoressa

    It is a lovely and wise selection-the most important thing is that they are washable
    We are enjoying one of the hottest summers in a couple of last decades and I added some linen/silk,silk, wide and long sleeved dresses (MM)as well as one COS dress (thanks to Happy Face!) to my city wardrobe-even my seaside wardrobe is also rather covered-from beach to cafes or restaurants I feel better in a wide linen dress than in a sarong-sarong would be a nice pool cover,or only for the beach-, (but,unfortunately I keep my linen dresses there all the time-who would know?)
    I like the red dress,too-a coral shade was one of my choices
    The lace is beautiful-one finds very rarely natural fibres lace

  2. Marie

    Happy *5 0* – Passed the milestone in March, not so bad after all!
    (And I’d like to know where the green dress is from – Thx!)

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you so much Marie! I’m afraid the dress is sold out from Marks and Spencer online, not sure about in store. Let me know if you need any more details about it.


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