Closet Additions: Investment Pieces 2017

It’s an individual thing of course and I wanted to share my own investments this year. Bear in mind that I like to wear and use my things as much as possible. Many years ago I decided there was no point in keeping anything for ‘best’ – seeing and using lovely things make me happy. And looking at how my life has evolved in that time, my list of investment pieces has shrunk considerably – thank goodness!

When I was last editing my closet here, I decided to make one addition to my vintage Jaeger tweed skirt because I love wearing thick skirts and knee boots in the Autumn/Winter/Spring. I was really happy this came my way. It may look awful on the hanger but it’s a lovely flared shape.A close up of the tweed:

Also I knew I wanted to add another Chanel jacket to my ivory flecked edge to edge style here. Black was considered for a few seconds then dismissed because I rarely wear black jackets anyway and always preferred the beautiful colours that make up tweeds. Then poof this turned up!A close up:I just think the colours are lovely together and give it versatility through the seasons. The crochet edging really does it for me! The colours work with jeans and my neutrals. Since I don’t wear much pattern at all, I feel I’ve found a way to add colour and texture that work really well for me. Then as if I didn’t feel lucky enough ….. this came my way too!This wasn’t expected and I had to take a longer time to think about it. I carefully weighed up a few different considerations such as that I already have a similar colour, the pattern, it’s a size bigger etc.. In the end, after finding out extra information and research, I decided to make it mine as more of a short coat/slim pea coat which is an important factor in my wardrobe. It has further pockets in the seam at the front which is great.The details – did I mention I love crochet edgings?? You can see the cute buttons and the careful pattern matching of the pocket.

Notes for buying preowned online:

  • have clear ideas on the style, colours and of course budget (black jackets are always more expensive by default)
  • research as always and sometimes you can find similar items through a simple Google search which may give you alternative views and prices to further guide you
  • ask for lots of measurements, photos of the item worn and compare with items you already wear
  • check if there’s been any kind of alterations at all, if so whether it was done in house at Chanel or independently
  • check if the chain at the bottom of the jacket is still present (it may be removed during alterations and not put back)
  • spare buttons and fabric swatches are bonuses
  • tweed is thick so you must take that into account when considering measurements for the correct fit – especially important around the waist/hips and shoulder areas
  • details such lurex thread and the type/size of buttons matter a lot (plus their spacing) – they can limit the style to a particular season or time of day – I prefer neither golden buttons nor lurex

An Hermès cashmere shawl in a pale colourway was on my list and because I was clear about the colours (less specific about the pattern in this case), I was able to pounce on this beauty as soon as it popped up.I really love wearing these shawls and so they are a good investment for me. This year, I’ve been able to cross off my entire list!

Thanks for reading!



12 thoughts on “Closet Additions: Investment Pieces 2017

  1. rukshanaafia

    Sigh ! My mother wore Chanel suits when she was a GP – finding them ideal . Unfortunately none were left to me or my sister – I guess they were worn right out or succumbed to the clothes moths which were a real pest where we lived . I remember the beautiful tweeds . I read somewhere that French designers always admired tweed but thought the colours were boring so had more adventurous colour combinations made up specially . That certainly sounds like Coco Chanel doesn’t it ?

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you so much for sharing your fond memories! I’d be very happy indeed should either of my daughters want to wear my Chanel tweeds 🙂 Maybe what you read was a reference to the rather classic tweeds the English gentry used to wear in the countryside which of course was an important influence to Coco Chanel. I believe these tweeds used above are made by Lesage, a French manufacturer The jackets do not have the under layers and construction of the true tailored jacket – of which Chanel would have known all about – they are pretty soft with the silk lining and shoulder padding only. Maybe this is why she was dismissed as being the ‘dressmaker’ by other couturiers at the start of her career?

  2. happyface313

    🙂 I am so in love with your beautiful jackets and the shawl, too.
    I prefer the jacket with the pink, yellow and green over the checkered one, but it’s a classic that will suit you beautifully.
    And the Monsieur et Madame shawl is a classic.
    Thank you for sharing your tips. I would have never thought to ask somebody to show pics of the jacket worn. It makes perfect sense to do so.
    Have a very HAPPY day and I’m looking forward to seeing pics of you wearing these beauties. 🙂

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you so much! There are so many different variations to the fit of the jackets not to mention any alterations that have been made so seeing it worn is the best way to see if it’s the right shape you’re looking for. I got to wear the shawl already since Summer has disappeared in UK – you can see it on my instagram column on the right and look forward to wearing the jackets too! Hope you’re having a great Summer!

      1. happyface313

        🙂 Yup! Our summer is terribly hot. Yesterday we’ve had the hottest day in years here in Austria. And today it didn’t feel much cooler. But on the other hand at least we’re having a summer and we get to put the winter twin-sets aside.
        A very happy weekend to you! 🙂

      1. rukshanaafia

        I hadn’t thought of this before but the crochet could be a development of the metallic military style edging which she was so fond of ? I saw lots of illustrations of this when I did a presentation on her for a French class years ago and found a biography which simultaneously showed her development as a designer . So many things which are fundamental to our clothes were first done by her including pleated skirts , jersey as a dress fabric , trousers , military trimmings , the lbd , hats being optional ……

      2. silkpathdiary Post author

        Thank you – yes! There seems to be a wealth of details and some very significant to Mlle Chanel’s life and influences. My plainer ivory jacket has a double row of stitching along the edges of the collar, down the front and cuffs. I really did enjoy the research for buying these pieces. She really was the first to modernise women’s clothing and accessories based on her own life and influences.

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