Inspiration: Summer 2017

I haven’t done a round up of looks that inspire me for a long while, mainly because I haven’t had the time to look around until now. The outfit above is just wonderfully elegant, ultra simple, monochrome + tan bag, yet it’s luxe, womanly and fresh. That bag! I love how the beautiful shoes echo little tweed short jacket. I do love white/ivory all year round!  The secret is to mix textures. Wearing the same colour or shade top to toe is a good way to look longer!Stripes echoing stripes. Not your average shirt worn with a gorgeous variation to the classic Chanel flap bag. I completely dismissed cloth versions for the longest time even though I have an original 2.55 bag from the 70’s in navy jersey. I’d love to have another in a tweed or striped jersey like this one. Shirts are so easy to wear and even though the whole silhouette is loose, almost unisex and casual like this, to me the Reissue adds that touch of chic femininity. This whole outfit reminds me of the early 90’s except the shoulders may have been bigger as a remnant of the bad-old-80’s trend. A gently tailored jacket over an ankle grazing skirt and heels is a feminine combination that’s a classic. I like the sheer material of the skirt – perhaps Olivia was concerned about it revealing rather more than she wanted to? Note to self – always have a clutch handy! Another jacket/skirt and heels combo more for everyday. I love everything about this look and I would really like to try it in order to make more use of my dresses and jackets/shorter coats. Even if we may not be in possession of a figure like this, we can appreciate how effective a single colourway can be especially in a fluid fabric to add interest in movement. This is exactly how I wear my bag and carry my tote as and when I have extras to carry. I’m loving the controlled volume in this look. It’s an elegant way of keeping cool in the heat. I realised a long white skirt is lacking in my Spring/Sumer wardrobe – I always used to wear one and never found a good replacement over the years. Next year! Another stylish voluminous look. This reminds me of a dress I saw on a woman 3 years ago in the souk in Marrakesh and she looked just so cool and elegant. I just love how everything is put together here. Bravo!

Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “Inspiration: Summer 2017

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you. Yes, I adore that look too head to toe and the bag …… I’ve been desperately trying to read the brand name but in vain so was looking out for a similar shape …..

      1. silkpathdiary Post author

        Great – thank you Sarah for the info! I do love this bag but hesitate about it being in our future since for me, it may be a little too close to the Plumes I already have. HOWEVER I have been searching for a little cross body bag for months and the tiny version of this Laura bag is very tempting – it has a cloth interior though and of course it’s hard not to compare with our beloved Chanel and Hermes 😦 Aarrgh!

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