Summer: Old and New

From my Instagram: ‘Old and new’ is pretty much what I wear all the time, from the earliest days of vintage and second hand discoveries as a young student from out of town (way, way out!) in London. Still now, as I curate and edit my wardrobe a little more diligently (thank you ladysarahinlondon), there are small treasures to re-discover.One of these is this little pale pink silk top by Jaeger. I think I found it on *bay years and years ago and instinctively knew it was me and timeless and wore it for the first time here. What put me off was the dry clean only label but I’m older and wiser now and will attempt a cold wash. I’m sorry I didn’t get a full photo of it as it’s a longer length with side splits and a little rolled self tie. I’ve such a weakness for details that you rarely see anymore – also note the edging round the neck and front. Since Summer left us, I had the chance to wear one of my investment pieces sooner than expected, the Monsieur et Madame cashmere/silk shawl. This colourway proved to be perfect, a perfect match to the silk top, the petrol blue midi skirt and buff suede shoes from here.

I must mention that my strategy for editing is not to immediately get rid of the items. No, I wait a grace period and sometimes the odd item makes its way back. It’s a lesson learned to avoid potentially costly regret and to make sure I haven’t overlooked anything.I felt I needed to wear my midi skirts with taller heels and not flats but the pointy toe style is such a life saver for me. It elongates the leg and still keeps a smart/casual look comfortable. This is perfect for the increasing number of occasions when I need to be ‘dressy’ yet not full on Chanel or Hermès mode if you understand my meaning? Ahhh the infinite subtleties of English social gatherings!

Talking of English social gatherings, did anyone read a story that the late Sir Roger Moore told in his autobiography about the time he and actor Tony Curtis were lined up back stage to meet Queen Elizabeth after a Royal Variety Show? OK, well, it was in the ’60s and there was a dress code of course: Black Tie – simple and blunt in this case. Sir Roger Moore, being an Englishman naturally had his outfit ready but Tony Curtis didn’t own one – bad enough – but worse he was determined to wear a velvet lounge suit!!! He did wear it standing next to Sir Roger and as the Queen drew closer, Sir Roger prepared himself for the moment to bow. When she reached him and a few pleasant words were exchanged, apparently without so much as a pause, let alone a glance, she then simply glided on right past Tony Curtis who was next along, on to the person after him. Tony was not correctly attired as per formal instructions, therefore he rendered himself socially invisible!

Thanks for reading!

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