Neutral Floral and Chanel Jersey Bag

This floral skirt and here is from several seasons ago (Oasis, a UK High Street retailer) and as soon as I saw the print online, I knew it was me. I’m so glad it still fits! Even though it’s a floral print, I still consider it a neutral because of the navy background and pale print. I really enjoy wearing pencil skirts and this season, my new pointy toe flats update the basic silhouette enough. I really love these shoes and have worm them regularly since purchase.The sleeveless top has also proven very useful this season although I bought it almost 2 years ago! It’s such a simple shape and works well with higher waist skirts and trousers I’m wearing more and more. For the first time, I accessorised with my vintage navy jersey Chanel 2.55 bag. I’ve fallen back in love with the original jersey bags recently. I feel they’re more understated than the leather versions and it’s my preference for now. The bag is in remarkably good condition for its age. I didn’t appreciate how strong the gold tone hardware can be and rehomed the bags that had the ghw except for this one. Being vintage, the chain is shorter and the colour has faded which means it’s perfect for me! I like how the Hermès Merdor cuff looks with it.I guess I’m learning to shop my closet and mixing and matching because I struggled a lot with both when starting my closet audit 6 years ago.

Thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “Neutral Floral and Chanel Jersey Bag

  1. dottoressa

    It is such a lovely combination! You do your mixing and matching excellent-I really love your flats

  2. SA.

    I love this outfit so much! Chanel jersey flap bag in navy has been one my ultimate wishlist items. I think it goes beautifully with casual outfits, denim etc.

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks very much! When I bought this bag, I had stopped wearing jeans for about a decade (then discovered the bf styles). It took me a while to find my casual looks and I haven’t even worn the bag with jeans yet!


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