La Famille Chanel

In the last four years, I guess the biggest change in my bag collection is with Chanel. Let me discuss the factors involved:

  • 2.55, Reissue and Classic styles – these were my main considerations from the start and I came to realise that the Classic suits me and my purpose the least
  • Hardware – the golden hardware is much too blingy for me, I can only wear the vintage 2.55 golden chain and the modern versions are simply too much. It’s not just the gold tone, it’s the very shiny nature of the hardware
  • New styles – the Boy and now the Gabrielle bags do not light my fire. At all.
  • Size – such an obsession of mine – lol – as I mentioned before, I have downsized my wallet and don’t carry that much else on a day to day basis plus I have come to appreciate small bags are simply more me

I just feel that a Chanel bag is a bold enough statement on their own so that most details are unnecessary. My aim is to maintain a ‘quiet’ type of luxury. As my outfits become simpler, so too the ‘tone’ of my accessories to match.

OK, so what’s new? Well, it took a while which I am all too happy about these days when shopping and in particular, acquiring investment pieces.

I wanted a grey bag for the longest time, specifically the distressed leather Reissue and it’s taken so long because grey is such a hard neutral to photograph. The natural glow of the leather tends to make it appear lighter than in real life. But I found the right one at last: it’s the mini size and the Accordian version which has a double gusset and is ‘single’ flap.  It can be worn cross body and on the shoulder like this. The chain is fairly heavy but overall not intrusive. This other style, I don’t know the name of but is in lambskin. It’s such a deep dark chocolate brown that it can almost pass for black especially with the black hardware.This one can only be worn cross body and is so light.The navy 2.55 is the only one with golden hardware and because it’s vintage, the hardware has dulled and suits me better! The black Reissue at the top also in jersey is the medium size and the largest of all 5 bags. It’s my smart casual day bag that can easily transition to more formal or evening occasions.The top view shows how the bags vary in depth but not very much in width. The front bag is blingy enough since the silver hardware is shiny and would be too dressy for me if it weren’t for the style.


  • only neutral colours
  • matte finish hardware except for one but the casual shape balances out the bling of the hardware
  • kept almost to the same size but with enough variation in the style

In the coming year, one or two of these bags may well end up being the least used and will then be edited from the collection. Yes! I know I’m going to be strong enough to do that! Lol.

Thanks for reading!


12 thoughts on “La Famille Chanel

  1. k

    After wearing and collecting Chanel bags for years, I lost interest in the line for the exact same reasons as you. I have parted with some though still keep many for sentimental reasons or the occasional time I desire to use them (I have not in a long time).

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you so much for your input! I was kind of sad not to use my Chanel bags as much as years before but made peace with the fact that me, my life and also the brand are changing. In some ways, what I see now, only from the media perspective of course, is more showy than the bad old days of the 80s and I really don’t like that or wish to be associated with that.

  2. Pret a porter P

    Your Chanel collection is beautiful. Your daughter is going to be extra lucky! Do you keep things for her? Even if you have no desire to wear it yourself anymore?
    In my opinion, I think Hermes is your #1. But my eyes have grown more biased against Chanel over the years.

      1. silkpathdiary Post author

        Alas! I think to be fair, there will always be a market for the kind of bling that sells to certain people. Also I can understand in general how brands need to attract younger customers and that means giving them what they want … which is shiny, shiny, bright colours and more shine! Just ask my 12 years old lol

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you so much for your kind words! That’s a very good question and I don’t have a definitive answer yet. I have 2 daughters, one almost 16 (gosh!) who has such a clear look and style for the last several years – boho – I can’t see her with a CC bag! That’s not to say she won’t ever change but it’s always hard to guess for the future. My other daughter is only 12 and has a very sporty style. For comparison, by 15 I was already influenced by Vogue and other fashion magazines so quite different for me. I suppose for now my aim is to hold on to the ‘classics’ ie 2.55 and Reissue styles.
      And yes, Hermes is my #1! Thank you. It’s a bigger process to edit and still ongoing.

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you very much – that’s high praise coming from you! As you can imagine, it’s so much harder with our beloved H. But I can’t avoid the necessary edit any longer or else we really will have to convert the double garage into an exhibition centre lol! I am trying to apply the same process with Chanel and so far so good – there’s hope.

  3. Izzi

    Hi, came across this old post. I totally agree with having no feelings for Boy or Gabrielle even though the whole world (ok, my circle of friends) love them. So its refreshing to know someone who thinks like me. 🙂


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