Transeasonal: Leather jacket

My outfit the other day when I was out of the house the entire day and evening in different places indoors and outdoors. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, this Coup de Fouet scarf features a lot! The fact is it went with everything when I first got it and it continues to do so after nearly 4 years. And I still love wearing it. The leather jacket hasn’t been worn much at all in 3 years but that’s fast changing all of a sudden this year. Did you know I love wearing all navy? I do so much more than anything else except maybe all white. A linen shirt that’s the perfect weight to wear under the leather jacket yet substantial enough when indoor temperatures dictate slipping the jacket off. I love the linen wrinkles, here they kind of go with the distress patches on my jeans 🙂Hardware details, I don’t really mind when both steel and gold tone mix – I think it’s better usually as it shows you haven’t cared too much. This vintage Céline bag is such a treasure!Finding the right leather jacket took several years and dozens of different brands and shapes. In the end the simplicity and modernity of Helmut Lang won. I now get it – how people become so extraordinarily attached to their leather jackets! I know it’s a pale colour but I specifically did not want the classic black. This funny grey, it has green undertones not showing up in the photo, is very much my own neutral. And it fit everywhere right off the hanger! But no fear, I don’t see any more leather jackets in my future. So yes, this is how I can still look smart casual in the tricky time between the end of Summer and coat season.

Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Transeasonal: Leather jacket

  1. dottoressa

    It is a lovely outfit (especially the combination of navy and light brown )and suits you splendidly.
    I love all navy outfits too-but ,IMO, ladies with dark hair look even better in this combination (I’m naturally blond). When you wear your beautiful scarves in basic bias fold,do you secure them with something? I’ve lost one of my silk scarves years ago,it slipped away..
    Weather here usually permits wearing leather jackets in autumn or spring(it is usually either trench or leather jacket) and they are one of my basics,from omnipresent black,light brown to sand.

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you very much for your input! I think one of the reasons why I don’t wear too much black is that it looks much better on blond ladies 🙂
      I do tie my scarf at least once to secure it and only wear is hanging like this indoors. I know what you mean though and it does worry me when it can just slip off without you knowing.
      I really love leather jackets on others – especially in the light colours you describe – and accept it’s not something I should or need to add to my collection 🙂


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