Les Hermès

I began in 2011 with the Kelly and continues most recently with the Plumes. It would be very neat to announce ended with such and such a bag but the fact is there are one or two others on my wishlist that may or may never happen for me. In the meantime I must edit nearly half from my collection and in the near future, probably another edit of a handful to leave me with no more 12 which I believe is still very indulgent. It is simply because of my love for the Kelly … which I do know will be the majority of my H collection ultimately.

The two important consequences of a reduced collection will be that I can see more, if not all, of the bags, therefore will use/rotate them better AND should be ready to pounce on exactly 2 new bags that are on my wishlist if they ever appear, then I shall be done, done, done! One is  Hermès (a veritable unicorn at that!) and the other is Loewe (more about them at another time).

The criteria for an edit and reassessment are the same for Hermès as the ones applied to Chanel and all my bags of function, size, leather, weight, maintenance and colour. My initial motivation for H was entirely emotional – being drawn to the aesthetic, quality and craftsmanship. I have had to become much more systemic and practical in my considerations and that is where I am at now. I would say though there is more emotion! Using the bags over time, there is something new to appreciate and that must come from the fact that people – yes, crafts men and women – Artisans – made each of these bags and somehow that human touch transcends. It’s like when using the vintage Célines and with the 2.55, I love being conscious that it was probably around from the time Mlle Chanel was still alive and even further back to when she originally conceived the idea for a bag to free up her hands!

So here they are again 32s (first 3 from the left) and 28s:

They do look surprisingly pretty lined up! And the other styles I love and use at different frequencies. I’ve accepted that I will not be using each one daily/weekly or even monthly but regularly and that I love them, that’s enough for me at this time.

At one point I thought to use only H bags – surely there would be a style for my every need?? That would be so simple and easier to manage. No, the reality is not even H can do that for me! At least for now, maybe one day in future, when my dream goal is to use only a handful of bags, H will be it 🙂 The fact is my every need does not have to be from H, that’s what I meant that my swim bag doesn’t have to be luxe. So here it is lol!

I’m even more embarrassed to reveal it was a hotel freebie! It’s perfect for everything I need to carry, normally it’s full with 2 towels and of course my swim cosies as well which I haven’t put in yet.


  • simply by seeing bags together helps to show where similarities in function/size/colour occur
  • a special bag edit should be done less often than clothing but for me, in the 1-2 year range (I’m about 3 behind!)
  • aim to give more thought to the ‘core’ bags that I want to keep going forward with the ultimate goal of a handful of bags in total
  • remind myself not to repeat purchase or mistakes
  • take more time to consider each acquisition and equally each edit

Thanks for reading!


17 thoughts on “Les Hermès

  1. Susan

    That is a beautiful collections of handbags you have and that you really take good care of them. I do like your conclusion as you have thought this through really well. I do like your freebie bag its a good sports bag.

    1. lady sarah in london

      I also loved the conclusions and thought process. There is a true appreciation here, the thoughts of an afficionado. And yes very nice swim bag. It hurts me to see expensive leather bags in danger of being splashed in chlorine water by the pool.

      1. silkpathdiary Post author

        Thank you very much, high praise indeed! I think it’s all because I’ve learnt from your rule of aligning one’s real life and actual needs 🙂

    2. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you very much! It’s been a slow process since the initial frenzy of buying the Ks firstly. It’s like I’ve come full circle in finding myself resisting the lure of more luxe and being just as content with my freebie simply because it does the job perfectly 🙂

  2. happyface313

    🙂 What a beautiful collection of bags you have!
    And I truly like that you wear “colors”, rather than just taupe, gray and all those nondescript shades – as practical as they may be.
    If you should really ever part with one of them, please do let me know.
    Have a very HAPPY start into the new week!
    Claudia 🙂

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you so much! I really am not a colour person as such but H colours are the best, no? Even I manage a small range which I must say are also ‘my’ neutrals. Yes, I must rehome at least 2 soon so will let you know ….. 🙂

  3. Pret a porter P

    When I see you with Hermes it’s how it’s “meant to be” high craftsmanship, quietly elegant vs. Chanel has become “loud” and flaunting and not in a good way. But of course this all depends on who carries it. Some people wear Hermes very loud and proud. Hopefully you keep your collection for a long time! The Kelly really does transcend time.

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you so much! I am truly humbled that you feel my style aligns with wearing H. I may have reached the point where I can wear these bags at every opportunity and over a bit more time, it will become clearer the ones that will stay longer with me.

  4. SA.

    Ahh! what a feast to my eyes! Those Kellys and your choice of colors… très chic! I have seen women go crazy with Hermes colors and quite frankly it hurts the eyes. Your choices, some how despite of being colorful are still… neutrals. I am not sure if I made sense.

    Also, as always, that drag looks fabulous!! By now, from our conversation, you know my love for it 🙂

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you very much! I am so glad you feel my colours are ‘neutrals’ because this is basically how they work for me. My clothes are very classic in every way so the H colours help a lot. The Drag is so underrated and I feel they’re more interesting than a B.

  5. lady sarah in london

    My sister and had extensive fun playing the “downsizing silkpaths collection game! ” wish you were with us. It went on like this: keep all the k because – well they are k. Then it was, ” well I don’t like a b, but so hard to find, and one doesnt want to be birknless. Everyone needs at least one clutch, and Hermes has the best clutches. Naturally you cannot get rid of the plumes, they are THE most wearable, practical and perhaps beautiful style. You cannot get rid of anything in rouge h, because it would be sacrilegious. And of course the more unusual styles – like the rugby are the most stylish ones… we are not helping much are we?😃😃😃

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      LOL! Too funny because this is exactly what goes on in my head and the reason why I end up where I started lol! But there is one thing I know I can and do without – the clutch – so it’s something I can build on slowly. It’s not quite as simple as using the bags either because I do use them all and there none that just sit there looking gorgeous 🙂 I think it will be more subtle factors that will lead me to elimination … so tbc

      1. lady sarah in london

        Omg! You are going to be clutch-less??? By the way, what are you looking to add, ? because I think that’s how I worked out what I needed to let go. If you add a kelly 25 then no you can manage without a clutch. I am not a fun ofthe birkin and don’t have one, but yours is very very nice and – let’s face it- if you drive it’s a practical choice too. If you rehome any of the k – let me know first, st least you will know they went to a caring home. 😄

      2. silkpathdiary Post author

        Well you see the small size of the clutch is replicated in the small shoulder bag / cross body bags I use (mostly Chanel) plus I don’t tend to use a clutch in the evenings because again I tend to read for the Chanel for that.
        What I wanted to add specifically is a HAC 28 in a dark colour – it would suit my proportion a lot better but it’s a UNICORN nowadays. I had been willing to sacrifice the B since it’s a light colour which gets less use in our UK climate. It’s also an evolution in that I’ve adjusted my style and finding I am using the less used bags more often. It’s still in a state of flux right now.

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