Closet: The Audit Part MMVXIII

My initial closet audit or re-organisation that began in 2010 was such a large task triggered by lifestyle and location changes during which time I moved house twice in 6 months, that it took until 2014 before reaching a more satisfactory point and then I moved again 3 years ago.

Having had the time since to digest most things learnt and continuing to read about the experience and advice of others, I see now that I need to edit considerably. Ruthlessly. I am not patient by nature and wish it could be done in an instant but I know the actual process of editing will teach me even more. Obviously I don’t know how life will evolve as time goes on but there are a few things I do know:

  • my children are now all teens so their needs have evolved and I must prepare and plan for what we want to do as a family and for each of them as individuals
  • I don’t particular want to move house for the next decade or so and will be able to plan a more permanent and appropriate wardrobe space to suit
  • I have honed down what I like and what I need so much more and for the first time feel a much smaller closet and collection of accessories would be very desirable

I have already adopted the kind of outfits and accessorising that will hopefully serve me well into the future consisting of very simple lines, good materials, functional details and classic modern pieces where possible. In terms of bags, there is a much greater simplification still:

  • tote – work appropriate – my dream is a HAC 32/28
    • Lindy and Bolide styles
  • everyday handbags
    • Kelly 28s and 32s (perhaps 3 or 4 in total not each!)
    • Plumes – 28 and 20 sizes
    • Chanel Reissue – 3 versions – jersey – aged leather and perhaps a washed caviar or tweed
  • casual/travel bags
    • Céline – small saddle bag styles and zip totes
    • Longchamp and perhaps the Goyard tote

This is the newest Bag Matrix …. now let’s see how easily it can be implemented …. here’s to the new season of Spring and all that may bring in terms of changes and renewals.

Thanks for reading!



13 thoughts on “Closet: The Audit Part MMVXIII

  1. lady sarah in london

    You moved TWICE in 6 months? With the children? ( of course with the children , what a silly questions, you can’t exactly leave them behind can you! ) you are an absolute heroine, I have no idea how you did it.
    The bag matrix is very interesting. Love the rationalising. ( 3-4 Kelly’s not each ha ha ha 😄)

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you! However most of the credit must go to my hero husband who did most of the packing up of the contents of the houses – including an upright piano no less – and among all of that, we suffered a single minor breakage. Like I said a most wonderful HH (Hero Husband).
      Hmm that is where I went wrong clearly – 3 of everytthing I love lol!

      1. lady sarah in london

        I also went to have a look at your bag matrix. You sure do have bags – and very very interesting ones at that. Not sure what is the space situation, but if I had the space I’d create a wall of kellys and keep them as art. Possibly even a wall of Hermes. With lighting and glass shelves to protect them. They are precious and real works of art. My problem is : tiny flat.

  2. Pret A Porter P

    I reviewed some of your older posts, and remember you having a beautiful, classic handbag collection. I remember that vintage black Celine with the horsebit that is beautiful. I think you could pull off the HAC very well. But I also remember you have/had one of the newer (as in earlier Philo era) Celine luggage bags that I thought was too “trendy/IT bag” from what you usually carry. I know you didn’t ask for my opinion, but it may be beneficial to sell while it has some resale value to put towards the HAC fund. ;P

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you so much for your most perceptive input! I still use that black leather Celine bag. The only issue I have with that is the strap is shoulder length only and alas the flap simply slots into the horse bit band so it’s not secure enough to use out and about in a big town or city 😦
      I was thinking about my Celine Micro luggage all Autumn and came to the same conclusion. I do love using it and it is the right size for me etc however, I know it does not belong to my future. And au contraire, I do welcome your opinion – of course I do!
      Oh by the way – where has your blog gone? Have you returned home or are you still traveling?

      1. lady sarah in london

        Oh no Dear pret a porter p, I thoroughly enjoyed your blog! It was always an interesting read. I rarely managed to leave comments, because for some reason they were usually swallowed up. I guess bloggIng is a time commitment though and it can get quite time consuming.

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      How lovely to hear from you! Thank you so much and best wishes for the holidays, it will be full of beauty and chic for you – I know 🙂 Have your sister’s children grown up enough to treat Lady B better?

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