Wardrobe Resolutions and Goals 2019: Part II – Bags

And so finally we come to the latest bags analysis! In order to give context, I must say that last year was exceptionally busy both work and family wise. I had planned a few urgent renovations at home but they all had to be put back. I did make a start on the wardrobe editing with the goal of a larger clear out though not as ruthless as going completely Marie Kondo, you understand. I’m just going to focus on the main different types of bag styles and sizes.

I was able to enjoy my smaller bags as I knew I would. Above is a vintage Chanel in lambskin with a double chain strap. It has outer pockets and is very useful for smarter days and evenings. It does not scream C H A N E L which is exactly how I like it to be. And being me, I wish the straps could be used cross body which I can do with the mini Plume bag.This is a special Kelly 28 in peau de porc – a very robust leather – I was very lucky to find several years ago. It arrived in excellent condition, just a little dry and I took the time to home spa with the result that she looks practically unused.I had it in my head that the Naturel colour was quite pale like the mini plume in the first photo but really it’s a lovely caramel hue, whether this is the result of time passing I’m not sure (she’s vintage now at 25 yrs young), but I can use her a lot more often from now on. Finding the right caramel/camel/tan colour is very difficult in my experience not least because it varies so much depending on the actual leather. My weakness includes the addition of the contrast stitching …. There’s no sign of colour transfer yet either. Another very lucky find a few years ago, Kelly 28 box leather in Vert Foncé. The leather already has the most gorgeous patina and was clearly well looked after.A year round colour. The 28 Kelly size works very well for me and I found myself using the 32 much less last year and frankly the 32 Selliers not at all!

I was therefore prompted to think about whether it was because last year was so different and if so will this continue, that is, is this a permanent lifestyle change or not? For all the mistakes I’ve ever made with my wardrobe, the one thing I have always done is try to use and wear everything. This is particularly true of my vintage pieces, bag, clothes and jewels. I was never one to put a bag on a shelf to admire from afar and it’s this perspective that makes editing my collection bearable.

In general I was able to hone in on bag styles and sizes that work best for me. In the end I have nothing on my bag wishlist but the HAC from this post. There had only been one other and I succeeded in finding her late last year.My Chanel HG, Reissue 225 in black distressed leather, ruthenium Mademoiselle chain. Almost a year ago I found myself walking behind a very chic lady dressed in a simple skirt suit. The skirt was A line and had the sublest little flip towards the hem and she carried her Reissue clasp undone precariously – it was busy rush hour in Central London – hung on her shoulder. But perhaps it was this ‘carelessness’ that made her so chic. Of course, I think it’s important to put in the time and effort to dress well but once you’re dressed, that’s it, don’t think about it anymore! I feel closer to my ideal Bag Matrix, than ever.

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Wardrobe Resolutions and Goals 2019: Part II – Bags

  1. lady sarah in london

    Your clothes are total works of art! That Chanel jacket! And those bags! The Porc looks new and the green is perfect with that jacket. Contrasting stitching is supposed to be sign of superior craftsmanship since it has to be just so. I have to say your enthusiasm is contagious! Enjoy ! ( and can’t remember if you have send in your wardrobe photos for our current project…it’s amazing to collect wardrobe photos from readers round the globe… not just london wardrobes )


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