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Winter: Skirt and Boots

SKIRTBOOTS3Finally into my favourite Winter combination of warm skirt and knee boots. These knee boots took a while to find from this post by Sergio Rossi (I seem to have most luck with this brand in boots). They’re the plainest pair I could find. Continue reading

Linens, Jeans, Cashmere and Trench

LINENSStarted off the day early with linens – Gap tunic shirt and tailored pants, Mango cashmere cardi and My Suelly pointy toe brogues with ancient leather Longchamp Roseau tote. NEUTRALSBy afternoon changed the pants to Gap 1969 grey bf jeans for errands and more house work. Continue reading

On the Move

Sorry no photos today – the blog is going nowhere – I am! As a follow up to this, this and this, it looks like we’ve finally found a new home to move to …. 🙂 The Universe had a different place in mind to the one we thought we were going to have. Different and better so we shan’t mention the slightly prolonged timing. I hope to have a few scheduled posts out (sorry for the monotony of outfit posts!) so the actual move will not mean a prolonged absence from the internet – if plans er go to plan – but if you haven’t heard from me again by the next Bank Holiday, you know something went wrong somewhere along the way!

Thanks for reading and back soon -ish!

The Long Road Home Part II

Following on from here

Space: I’ve always had clear ideas about the sort of home I wanted to live in. Among my earliest memories are thoughts about the space around me and how I fit into it. I had a lot of space but that was probably because I was very small at the time and had moved to my Grandparent’s home in the city for a few years. In every home we’ve had since I always ended up trying to make as much space as possible. Not for me the cluttered cosy corner – I’d feel suffocated not cosseted.

Light: Being tropical blooded, I need sunlight and brightness. That’s all.

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Leather, Suede and Cashmere

LEATHERCASHMERE3A repeat of the first time I put the the suede boots and leather skirt together here. It’s a very comfortable outfit for me and the puffer coat makes it a bit more casual but I could have worn a pea or a long coat. Continue reading

Floral Valentine

CABLEFLORALLinking to Patti’s Not Dead Yet Style blog for Visible Monday #149

I thought for sure my luck finally ran out for finding High Street treasures when I spotted this floral skirt at Oasis a few months ago and HAD. TO. HAVE. IT.

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