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Closet Audit: Autumn – Winter 2017

I aim for simple, fuss free outfits that in no way impedes me when I’m on the go or require any kind of readjustment throughout the day. They also must reflect myself and what I love. I found these wonderful looks from the The Purse Forum where these super stylish ladies stopped me in my tracks with their modern classic outfits. They happen to be carrying H bags but honestly I adore their outfits all the same without! The above tailored trousers/check coat/boot combo is very much my go to staple. The metallic leather give the woollens a boost. Is this lady wearing double velvet? I can’t see if her trousers are also velvet or maybe a very fine baby cord – no matter – this is such a lovely cosy look in delicious colours – pink and rust – who knew? Neutral everything else though.Same lady, with a much deeper pink and rust cords for sure this time and neutral accessories. A dark chocolate brown bag never looked so good!  MUST find out who she is LOL! A variation of her look and how effortless she makes it appear.I’ve been a fan of this lady for the longest time and seeing a photo of her with a tiny Toolbox years ago ignited my interest in this bag then. It does’t appear that she has a blog or is on IG but there are stacks of photos of her online happily and all of them, absolutely all of them are great! I love beige and buff shades, here she keeps them fresh with pure white and a little bit of black plus a dash of bright. Simple when you know how. I must remember to put in thigh high splits into all my long skirts ….. 🙂

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Summer: Old and New

From my Instagram: ‘Old and new’ is pretty much what I wear all the time, from the earliest days of vintage and second hand discoveries as a young student from out of town (way, way out!) in London. Still now, as I curate and edit my wardrobe a little more diligently (thank you ladysarahinlondon), there are small treasures to re-discover. Continue reading

Spring Pants

SPRINGPANTSCLOSEA variation on the outfit here, this time for a short casual meeting. Another shrunken accessory – Hermès skinny belt. I actually get a lot of wear out my belts. As well as vintage clothes and bags, I’ve amassed too many belts strangely enough. I’m not sure why exactly because my waist has never been my best feature. Continue reading

Film Friday: Lucy

I haven’t done a film review for a long while simply because I don’t get many chances to see grown up films so when the film ‘Lucy’ came out in the Summer holiday (way before its premier in the UK) I couldn’t believe my luck! Nor could a lot of other people because that weekend, cinema websites crashed and seats were sold out across many cinemas.indexThe draw was Luc Besson for me. I loved his films before realising they were his. His fans won’t be disappointed. I don’t think I’ve ever watched a film with Scarlett Johansson, amazing isn’t it except that she’s really not of my generation I guess. Anyway, I was very impressed by her portrayal of Lucy. Continue reading

Ode to Coats

020714_Tommy_Ton_rtw_Fall_2014_slide_060a As we change seasons and store away our Winter coats, I wanted to round up some of my favourite coats. I’ve always loved coats and living in UK, that’s a very good thing 🙂 As a kid I had the cutest red wool coat and later as a tween, best not to mention the coat wilderness, suffice to say it was fail during that time but I did discover the trench coat from C&A. I was the only one to wear it in the 6th Form…apart from the teachers lol! All the other girls were into massive puffer jackets and anoraks. Then came the awful 80s with the horrid shoulder pads – none of my coats survived from that era except for the vintage treasures I found. These vintage coats were my staple for much of the 90’s and 00s. I only replaced a couple of my vintage coats and added more to my collection a few years ago. Continue reading

Oscars 2014: Favourites

article-2571890-1BFB7FDF00000578-258_634x747The Oscar winners (and others) have had the time to catch up on their sleep and the rest of us had the chance to dissect and digest what everyone wore. These are the stand out looks for me. Who would have thought Pink had it in her to look so stunningly beautiful in what is for her a rather traditional evening gown? Continue reading