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Colour and Pattern


I used to be so afraid of colour and pattern that I avoided them entirely – what a waste! With age comes a certain confidence (if nothing else …) and I ventured in both colour and pattern starting with those that I always liked such as blues, yellows and pinks to lift my beloved neutrals of navy, tans and whites. Now I find myself mixing everything and loving it. These two scarves were bought separately a long time apart and only recently did I see how the colours are echoed in both – the magic of Hermès! Continue reading

Closet Audit: Organisation I

DRAWER3 This is my tentative first step in transforming my wardrobes into organised heaven – umm ok, just organised will do! First the drawers and here is a top drawer containing the H scarves (90cm) in a few boxes. The top one is quite deep so I have stored most of them in there. Then the shawls and miscellaneous other scarves. There is a residual pile of tees at the front right which will not be replaced as they wear out which they have started to do already. Continue reading