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Round Up

CENTPLISHappy 2016 to you all! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year celebrations wherever you were.

I don’t have many photos from our little festive break but here are a few of the outfits. Out and about in the rain sans parapluie but with my trusty old Top Shop beret.CENTPLISOUTFIT#I normally leave my jeans at home when traveling but this is a first of many firsts! Continue reading

Closet Audit : Shopping List A/W 2015-6

I feel really drawn to deep blues, greys, greens and olive this season. The Trim is Olive Barenia leather but looks brown here.

I feel really drawn to deep blues, greys, greens and olive this season. The Trim is a Navy Epsom with grey undertones and the Evelyne is Olive Barenia leather but looks brown here.

I decided to do away with Wishlists some time ago and make actual Shopping lists twice a year instead. The wishlists encouraged me to add more stuff until they became endless whereas the Shopping list helped me target and focus on what I actually need – mostly replacements or an upgrade to a better quality and this has been the case for this season when I realised my coats needed updating. My vintage treasures are safe – they’re still going strong but it’s a couple of others that had to be retired. Continue reading

Closet Audit 2015: the Hermès Kelly Part 2

KBRIQUERIVEFLEUVEFollowing on from Part 1 here.

I must point out that I’m a long time vintage fan, of clothes, accessories and furniture so it was completely natural for me to seek out vintage Kelly’s at the start. All the things that attract me to vintage clothes etc.. apply to a vintage Kelly. I believe the materials and craftsmanship are superior to the modern versions and I prefer the unique look they have. My newest Kelly is from 2010, my oldest from 1968. Continue reading

Closet Audit 2015: Basic Adjustments + Plan 1

black-color-oct-2015-habituallychic-031An analysis of what I like to wear, why and the silhouette over the last couple of years has yielded nothing surprising: comfortable knitwear, shirts, jeans, softly tailored trousers, less skirts and dresses but in recent months a closer look at these basics taught me that the more basic my basics, the better the quality of material to comfort my body, please the eye, and for longevity (of use and the planet). I’m not into quirky jumpers but I love textures so I’ve been indulging in cashmere. The feel of the fabrics has become more and more important to me especially since I dislike overheating and I’m more prone to it these days. Continue reading