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ROSEWe have been so very busy the last few weeks, sorry for not responding to your replies! But took time to appreciate the blooms in the garden. Well, it will be an even busier next few weeks so wanted to pop in for a quick Hello … Continue reading


Light as a ….. Plume

20PLUME2Over the years I’ve become slightly obssessed with the size and weight of my bags. As well as being aware of the overall size, the intrinsic weight of the bag must be under a certain amount and that is 1kg. The quality of Hermès, Chanel and Céline bags I own usually means they rarely exceed this threshold but some of the heavier leathers by Hermès do or come too close for my comfort. Aside from hobbling about on too high heels or ill fitting shoes – quelle horreur – schlepping around what looks like your whole life and the kitchen sink isn’t the best look. Continue reading


ZING A Sunday lunch en famille on a beautiful warm Spring Day required some zing! I hadn’t planned on the blue and the lime together as the cardigan, denim skirt and wedge heel sandals were bought years apart. I see it as a sign I am finally on the right track to a cohesive and relevant closet. Continue reading


SPRINGThere’s no denying it anymore – I have gained something like 6kg in the last year and it has to go back to wherever it came from! It may not sound like much but I would need to grow taller by at least 60cm to spread that extra weight out 🙂 Honestly I have never dieted my whole life and I am not about to start now in my 49th year. Well because I am 49 this year, it becomes harder to maintain a stable weight. OK, it’s harder to maintain anything really …. Continue reading

Spring Wedding 2016

WED2I must apologise for not replying to comments lately, it’s just been an extra busy time and here is one of the reasons why, a family wedding to attend. Planning what to wear is never easy for weddings and more so when it is in Spring because you have that chaos factor of not knowing whether temperatures would effectively require Winter wedding mode or Summer mode and anything in between including rain. Continue reading