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Purple Reign

PURPLESKIRT We can’t help but be affected by the death of Prince and so many other notable celebrities lately. I went to see in concert in Wembley in the early 90’s and still remember exactly what a I wore: black organdi tee, Vivienne Westwood hotpants, Woldford dark grey shimmer opaque tights and black suede ankle strap sandals by Charles Jourdan. We were quite close to the stage and had a great view. I am enjoying my own Purple Phase even more in his memory.

Maybe it was bound to happen, there is a limit to the amount of neutrals one can wear and even though I thought I had a ‘neutral’ wardrobe, colour and print live there too. [Sorry, yes that is a plastic bag hanging off my tree in the background – we are weeding and trimming in the garden.] Continue reading


Garden Purple and Kelly Green (again)

CLEMATIS2The second Summer for our Clematis in the garden ready to burst open.CLEMATISLike so, they are more dramatic than last year’s with more petals. I just love flowers. The dark green leaves and purple echo the Kelly and Violet KDT bracelet I am loving. Continue reading

Light as a ….. Plume

20PLUME2Over the years I’ve become slightly obssessed with the size and weight of my bags. As well as being aware of the overall size, the intrinsic weight of the bag must be under a certain amount and that is 1kg. The quality of Hermès, Chanel and Céline bags I own usually means they rarely exceed this threshold but some of the heavier leathers by Hermès do or come too close for my comfort. Aside from hobbling about on too high heels or ill fitting shoes – quelle horreur – schlepping around what looks like your whole life and the kitchen sink isn’t the best look. Continue reading

Shoe Story

CCThese are Chanel flat sandals – more about them later.

I stopped wearing court shoes/pumps basically when I didn’t have to look corporate anymore. The style don’t suit my feet and whilst I never suffered as much as some others, it was always a struggle to find styles that were both comfortable and stylish. Hence in my London living days pounding the pavements of Bond, Oxford, Regent Streets, I mostly wore ankle boots and variations on the sling back or Mary Jane styles (mainly from Bally). After the baby years aka The Fashion Wilderness, I found myself trying to get back into court shoes again – Louboutins was just about everywhere then – but thankfully it was not to be. Inevitably there was a reaction to the red soles and more comfortable styles started to be more available (in my tiny size too!) such as brogues, flat courts with pointy toes (more substantial than the ballerinas), loafer and slipper styles soon followed. Fabulous – no more compromising on comfort for style! I don’t think our feet have ever had it so good! Continue reading