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Neutral Floral and Chanel Jersey Bag

This floral skirt and here is from several seasons ago (Oasis, a UK High Street retailer) and as soon as I saw the print online, I knew it was me. I’m so glad it still fits! Continue reading


Summer: Old and New

From my Instagram: ‘Old and new’ is pretty much what I wear all the time, from the earliest days of vintage and second hand discoveries as a young student from out of town (way, way out!) in London. Still now, as I curate and edit my wardrobe a little more diligently (thank you ladysarahinlondon), there are small treasures to re-discover. Continue reading

Closet Additions: Investment Pieces 2017

It’s an individual thing of course and I wanted to share my own investments this year. Bear in mind that I like to wear and use my things as much as possible. Many years ago I decided there was no point in keeping anything for ‘best’ – seeing and using lovely things make me happy. And looking at how my life has evolved in that time, my list of investment pieces has shrunk considerably – thank goodness! Continue reading

Closet Additions: Summer 2017 Edition

UPDATE: the dresses above are the ones I ended up with … and edited out more than this from my wardrobe! I’m really pleased with this ‘set’ as it gives me a lot of versatility and they are incredibly easy to wear – a factor that’s becoming most important to me.

Far left, a denim shift still available here is a must in my dresses collection, with long sleeves and pockets as well means it’s ideal (in fact all these dresses have pockets!). The yellow linen dress is a proper curry yellow and such a flattering shape (this style seems to be come up small to size so I sized up) here on final reduction. The lovely russet red dress is even better than expected, it’s a few inches above my ankles so a great addition for me also on final sale here. Alas the green dress is sold out but the same style is available in different colours here. It’s a flattering fit and simply pops over the head.

Though Summer seems to have deserted us again, I can still wear each of the dresses layered up and/or with warmer shoes going into Autumn which can be pretty warm afterall. Yikes, can’t believe I wrote ‘Autumn’ already!

************************************* Continue reading