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London February 2018 Part II

After walking across the Millennium Bridge from the Tate Modern in Part I, we arrived eventually at Green Park and Old Bond Street. This is my usual starting point in the West End and I never knew that a minute’s detour down St James’ Street, is where a certain gentleman’s shop is located, The Kingsman x Mr Porter – featured in the films that a lot of teens love – mine included! Continue reading


London February 2018 Part I

20I hadn’t been to London for over a year, this is most regrettable and completely unintentional. This past week, I organised a trip into ‘Town’ with my eldest daughter for a long overdue Jolly – just her and me. My younger two are not terribly interested in the big city sadly. Continue reading

Travel: Long Haul, Long Weekend Part 3/3

Although this was my travel outfit, I knew to wear the Marni heels for a smarter look. On this trip, knowing the material dries well, I actually washed the tee shirt the following morning after my arrival only for Housekeeping to knock on my door offering complimentary laundry service literally as I hung it up over the bath. Note to self – check the laundry provisions at check in 🙂 Continue reading

Travel: Long Haul, Long Weekend Part 1

I used to only have to travel for pleasure – well if I put aside my incompetent packing and naturally poor travel ability that is! But you know I have improved a lot with my packing skills and picked up a few tips that work to make it easier physically. In recent years, I’ve had to travel abroad for work which is always challenging when children have to be looked after and organised. As my 3 grow older, it’s become easier in some ways but more difficult in others so I’m not sure where we stand at the moment on that front! Continue reading