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The Lindy

In response to Lady Sarah’s questions: “…. Perhaps you could post the inside of a Lindy, what it fits and why you like it? Does it work better than say plume, Kelly or B (irkin)?” Continue reading


Travel: Long Haul, Long Weekend Part 3/3

Although this was my travel outfit, I knew to wear the Marni heels for a smarter look. On this trip, knowing the material dries well, I actually washed the tee shirt the following morning after my arrival only for Housekeeping to knock on my door offering complimentary laundry service literally as I hung it up over the bath. Note to self – check the laundry provisions at check in 🙂 Continue reading

Travel: Long Haul, Long Weekend Part 1

I used to only have to travel for pleasure – well if I put aside my incompetent packing and naturally poor travel ability that is! But you know I have improved a lot with my packing skills and picked up a few tips that work to make it easier physically. In recent years, I’ve had to travel abroad for work which is always challenging when children have to be looked after and organised. As my 3 grow older, it’s become easier in some ways but more difficult in others so I’m not sure where we stand at the moment on that front! Continue reading


NAILSI used to be a lot more diligent about keeping my nails polished, however, it all fell by the wayside for a very long time until the recent Easter travels when I bought some Essie nail polish sets for my girls at Heathrow airport. This pink really appealed to me – but not the girls for some reason – so I put it on when we arrived and for the wedding after we returned home and reapplied once more after that! Continue reading

Travel: Monochrome


BWAs little as 2 years ago I would never have conceived a monochrome holiday wardrobe – white yes but never black. However, the more we traveled the more this combination works. I will discuss more in another post. The key is travel and not just holiday. We have never been one for parking ourselves in one place at our destination so it’s always very much about moving and exploring. Above (the wind whipped up just as the photo was taken sorry for the messy hair!) is a crop wide tailored trousers and silk shirt combination which is a favourite at home and away. From my last trip, I know it pays to have at least one pair of tailored trousers and a silk shirt . The day before I wore the same things but with a plain black tee. Continue reading