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NAILSI used to be a lot more diligent about keeping my nails polished, however, it all fell by the wayside for a very long time until the recent Easter travels when I bought some Essie nail polish sets for my girls at Heathrow airport. This pink really appealed to me – but not the girls for some reason – so I put it on when we arrived and for the wedding after we returned home and reapplied once more after that! Continue reading

Travel: Monochrome


BWAs little as 2 years ago I would never have conceived a monochrome holiday wardrobe – white yes but never black. However, the more we traveled the more this combination works. I will discuss more in another post. The key is travel and not just holiday. We have never been one for parking ourselves in one place at our destination so it’s always very much about moving and exploring. Above (the wind whipped up just as the photo was taken sorry for the messy hair!) is a crop wide tailored trousers and silk shirt combination which is a favourite at home and away. From my last trip, I know it pays to have at least one pair of tailored trousers and a silk shirt . The day before I wore the same things but with a plain black tee. Continue reading


BEDFACEPLANTHope you all had a great Easter/Spring break. We’re back home and this gives you an idea of what some of us got up to …. My youngest diving on to the freshly made bed. Will be back to posting soon.

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As my immediate and extended families are scattered across the globe, I began traveling at a very young age and simply took it for granted that everyone else did the same thing. Er nope. By the time I was in secondary education I was often the only person in my class with a valid passport. OK, I must add at this point we lived in the back of beyond in those days so not exactly a metropolis like London! But still. Then from age 15, I began to travel alone to France which involved several hours on a train across the country to London to the airport or seaport  (to catch a Hovercraft – anyone used one before?), and later on of course the Eurostar. I visited other countries on our family holidays and later with studies and work.EK Continue reading