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Inspiration: Summer 2017

I haven’t done a round up of looks that inspire me for a long while, mainly because I haven’t had the time to look around until now. The outfit above is just wonderfully elegant, ultra simple, monochrome + tan bag, yet it’s luxe, womanly and fresh. That bag! I love how the beautiful shoes echo little tweed short jacket. Continue reading


Closet Additions and Spring Dreams

5062831251_1_1_17Me and white trousers go a long way back too! I remember always loving the white flares perhaps first on my mother when I was really small and then on others in my family and linking them with holidays and warm, carefree days … I’m definitely a child of the 70’s 🙂 Continue reading

Closet Audit 2015: Basic Adjustments + Plan 1

black-color-oct-2015-habituallychic-031An analysis of what I like to wear, why and the silhouette over the last couple of years has yielded nothing surprising: comfortable knitwear, shirts, jeans, softly tailored trousers, less skirts and dresses but in recent months a closer look at these basics taught me that the more basic my basics, the better the quality of material to comfort my body, please the eye, and for longevity (of use and the planet). I’m not into quirky jumpers but I love textures so I’ve been indulging in cashmere. The feel of the fabrics has become more and more important to me especially since I dislike overheating and I’m more prone to it these days. Continue reading