La Famille Chanel

In the last four years, I guess the biggest change in my bag collection is with Chanel. Let me discuss the factors involved:

  • 2.55, Reissue and Classic styles – these were my main considerations from the start and I came to realise that the Classic suits me and my purpose the least
  • Hardware – the golden hardware is much too blingy for me, I can only wear the vintage 2.55 golden chain and the modern versions are simply too much. It’s not just the gold tone, it’s the very shiny nature of the hardware
  • New styles – the Boy and now the Gabrielle bags do not light my fire. At all.
  • Size – such an obsession of mine – lol – as I mentioned before, I have downsized my wallet and don’t carry that much else on a day to day basis plus I have come to appreciate small bags are simply more me

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The Bag Matrix 2.0

Vintage Kelly Vert Fonce in box leather GHW worn cross body .

Hoping everyone had a great Summer despite hurricanes and other natural disasters! May everyone be safe and sound now …

My first post here Nearly four years later, it’s high time to revisit, reassess and re-evaluate Function, Size, Leather, Weight, Maintenance and Colour.

I think it’s as important to affirm what still works and is relevant as discovering the changes and irrelevant. Here’s a quick summary:

Function: now mainly everyday casual – for which read cross body – and much less for smart and travel occasions.

Size: smaller bags since I have reduced further what I need everyday changing to a much more compact wallet/coin purse.

Leather: I used to prefer smooth leathers and this has changed because of my mainly casual everyday function and the smooth leathers in my collection tend to look too smart.

Weight: I am still obsessed with this factor and it’s easier because of my preference for smaller bags going forward.

Maintenance: my life changes has meant less and less time to maintain my bags which makes me sad. I really must tackle this soon.

Colour: I still love colour and the major change is that I have since become a lover of Hermes shawls. These provide all the colour and pattern interest I’ll ever need.

I haven’t had to commute in the longest time but when I do move then it really is full on and this means easy to wear, sling over the shoulder or better still cross body for hands free action bags. Any extras carried in as small as I-can-get-away-with tote and I can concentrate on everything else. And I still want my bags to look pretty special at the same time, never too casual, the same as my outfits. I’ve been obeying the LOVE IT rule and not compromising which has been the root of many if not all past errors of judgement shall we say.

While writing this post, I was contacted by a lovely reader with specific questions which I always welcome and we had the most interesting exchange about a first Hermes bag purchase. It’s not easy to choose! For me, after several mistakes on several different levels, I know my approach must be as follows:

  • I want to use my bags as often as possible which means they have to be practical and reasonably tough
  • I am trying to obey the rule that the bags must serve the activities in my life and not some imaginary life in my dreams lol as per Lady Sarah’s directive here
  • Beauty, fine materials, craftsmanship and practicality give me pleasure however it doesn’t mean I need to use a luxe bag for my swim gear ….

To be continued …..

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Closet Additions: Investment Pieces 2017

It’s an individual thing of course and I wanted to share my own investments this year. Bear in mind that I like to wear and use my things as much as possible. Many years ago I decided there was no point in keeping anything for ‘best’ – seeing and using lovely things make me happy. And looking at how my life has evolved in that time, my list of investment pieces has shrunk considerably – thank goodness! Continue reading

Closet Additions: Summer 2017 Edition

UPDATE: the dresses above are the ones I ended up with … and edited out more than this from my wardrobe! I’m really pleased with this ‘set’ as it gives me a lot of versatility and they are incredibly easy to wear – a factor that’s becoming most important to me.

Far left, a denim shift still available here is a must in my dresses collection, with long sleeves and pockets as well means it’s ideal (in fact all these dresses have pockets!). The yellow linen dress is a proper curry yellow and such a flattering shape (this style seems to be come up small to size so I sized up) here on final reduction. The lovely russet red dress is even better than expected, it’s a few inches above my ankles so a great addition for me also on final sale here. Alas the green dress is sold out but the same style is available in different colours here. It’s a flattering fit and simply pops over the head.

Though Summer seems to have deserted us again, I can still wear each of the dresses layered up and/or with warmer shoes going into Autumn which can be pretty warm afterall. Yikes, can’t believe I wrote ‘Autumn’ already!

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