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The Wrong Cardi

WRONGCARDI15 Putting on my gloves and off to a morning meeting that included coffee and mince pies. I had thought about what to wear and decided on the pieces a couple days before but didn’t have a dress rehearsal 🙂 I was looking forward to wearing my Ralph Lauren cashmere skirt again here, here, this time with the Theory long black coat in keeping with the longer length. Continue reading

Closet Audit 2015: the Hermès Kelly Part 1

BBKINDIGOclose3Referencing this post from 2013 that Dear Lady Sarah in London reminded me of recently. Probably the final Closet Audit of 2015 and of course saving my favourite for last 🙂 Continue reading

Cashmere, Jeans and Kelly

BFCASHMERE3I’ve had these wedge heeled, fleece lined zip up ankle boots for a few years and struggled to wear them. They are warm, secure with a tread, walkeable height and wedge heels which I love. I think they were pre bf jeans discovery. Continue reading