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Colour and Pattern


I used to be so afraid of colour and pattern that I avoided them entirely – what a waste! With age comes a certain confidence (if nothing else …) and I ventured in both colour and pattern starting with those that I always liked such as blues, yellows and pinks to lift my beloved neutrals of navy, tans and whites. Now I find myself mixing everything and loving it. These two scarves were bought separately a long time apart and only recently did I see how the colours are echoed in both – the magic of Hermès! Continue reading



SPRINGThere’s no denying it anymore – I have gained something like 6kg in the last year and it has to go back to wherever it came from! It may not sound like much but I would need to grow taller by at least 60cm to spread that extra weight out 🙂 Honestly I have never dieted my whole life and I am not about to start now in my 49th year. Well because I am 49 this year, it becomes harder to maintain a stable weight. OK, it’s harder to maintain anything really …. Continue reading

‘A’ Line Forever

ALINE5Er no, that’s not snow on my head, it’s the natural white highlights! So for a rainy day, I tried out a flared jersey skirt by Carven. It’s an odd blue, a cheap kind of navy but that’s ok because everything else more than makes up for the lack of colour integrity. Continue reading

More Rain and Vintage Mohair

AQRAIN2My Aquascutum umbrella was bought in their Regent London store in the early 90’s and it’s been one of the most used accessories and most traveled as it’s been in the desert and shaded me from the sun. My trenchcoat is newer and truly waterproof and can withstand any good downpour. Continue reading

New Year’s Eve Textures

NYE Hope you all had a fantastic NYE! I’ve been waiting impatiently to wear this outfit! It’s a Winter version of this. The recently acquired H&M angora cardi was a breakthrough in several ways on its own but it was the perfect cover up reviewed by Sue So so (thanks again Sue!). I only have one other long black cardi that’s part of a twin set I hardly ever wear but when I read about this cardi, I just knew it was something that my closet needed 🙂 Continue reading