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Dash of Yellow

YELLBLUE2Linking to Patti’s Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday #152

Rushing around but still keeping it together just about. Only a few months ago I realised how important yellow is to me. Continue reading



FLARE2Linking to Patti’s Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday

Continuing my love affair with this cashmere skirt by Ralph Lauren for a morning event followed by grocery shopping. From from this post. Continue reading

Texture, Check Scarf + Cape Effect

ARANPARKACASHMEREAnd so the cold arrived and time to bring out the Aran knit, warm coats and scarf. I really love this navy Aran jumper, very comfortable to wear and warm without being stifling if you layer with a thermal vest underneath. I think it must be because it’s cotton. Continue reading

A Modern Step: Leather and Suede

I meant to post something about Updating and Modernising one’s closet by way of discussing this point reached in my own journey, but I’ll simply show a look that somehow emerged on Sunday morning.

Linking to Patti’s Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday

LEATHERSUEDEI knew what I wanted to wear on top and on my feet but struggled with the bottoms rejecting all the skirts until I got to this leather one also here. It felt instantly right and I don’t know if it’s a coincidence that leather and suede do so much together!  Continue reading

Textures: Creams, Gold and Greens

CORDScrop As we continued the round of visits to family and friends, it was important to be warm and feel a touch of luxury at the same time. Ahh…the comfort and security of cords – how could I have managed so long without?! I’m on a roll combining soft corduroy, silk satin, chunky Aran knit, patent leather and suede 🙂 Continue reading

Winter Soft

SOFTWINTERI naturally gravitate towards light colours and like to wear them all the year round. I re-discovered this gorgeous shawl when digging around my stuff looking for something to use as part of a Roman costume for my youngest. The shawl is a fine wool and was given to me by a friend from India some years ago. I never wore it properly because to be honest, I’ve never been a shawl, poncho or cape wearer. Well, better late than never seems to be my fashion motto this past year so here it is! Continue reading