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Casual Friday (and more Camel)

CAMELCOAT Truth be told, almost everyday of the week is casual for me these days, it’s just Friday is even more so 🙂 Continue reading


Cashmere, Jeans and Kelly

BFCASHMERE3I’ve had these wedge heeled, fleece lined zip up ankle boots for a few years and struggled to wear them. They are warm, secure with a tread, walkeable height and wedge heels which I love. I think they were pre bf jeans discovery. Continue reading


WINDBLOWN5In comfy holiday mode of jeans, shirt and long cardi with double scarf to keep warm. The check shirt is Gap Boy in a traditional navy and bottle green. Cardi by Mango, Banana Republic orange scarf, Hermès silk scarf, vintage Gucci belt, Sam Edelman ankle boots and Céline bag.WINDBLOWN3Topped off with the Cos coat. Besides the casual outwear from the Men’s and Kid’s department, this is the only coat I’ve ever bought new from the shops, all my other ones are at least pre-owned or very vintage. I’ve tried the coats from the High Street shops every season and every season I can never do justice to them! Except this one by Cos which not much can beat for quality and cut at this price point. Continue reading

Winter Black and Orange

ALLBLACK4Black is not something I reach out for automatically at any time of year for any occasion so imagine my surprise when I ended up wearing this outfit the other day. More so after commenting on Sharron’s Style At Every Age blog on wearing All Black! At this time of year there are so many school events to attend and I wanted something casual but definitely no jeans and not too dressy –  my most frequent challenge by the way.  Continue reading


PUFFAI’ve always wanted a puffa jacket but everything that can go wrong in a normal jacket for me such as too big shoulders, too long sleeves, excessive bulk are further magnified in a padded version. Until this came along. Continue reading

Autumn Double Denim and Black Accessories

NEWLAWI found my denim shirt afterall the searching high (end) and low (end) and everything in between :-). At H&M Boys of course! Here with old Gap 1969 grey bf jeans and short dark blue trench, black leather Mysuelly flats and Hermès Kelly 28 in black box leather. NEWLAW2I had several specific requirements for the denim shirt, slim fit, slim sleeves, light weight denim, right shade of blue and no extra embellishments. This has it all. I like that it looks good buttoned right up plus the real pockets. Continue reading

Loose Woman

LOOSENEUTRALSI’m squeezing out the last of the light cottons before Autumn sets in and having to reach for heavier versions. In fact I needed an outer layer but missed the chance to use the new short trench. Continue reading