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Bleu and Black

KBDPBLACKCLOSEDelighted to link to Happiness at Mid- life for Throwback Thursday Fashion Link Up

I’m still completely distracted by adding shelves indoors and working in the garden but together with the sun over the weekend, my beloved Bleu de Prusse Kelly came out to play! Continue reading


Blue All Over

BLUEKELLYJEANS I never used to think I had a favourite colour, always choosing a small selection of neutrals but now I can finally say I do and it’s Blue! Most shades in fact. It’s the colour that flatters and although not the most exciting in the world, it’s a total work horse for me which is most important. I must link to Sharron’s Style At Every Age Holiday Blues post as well here. Continue reading

A Rainbow in My Bag

KBRIQUE2I saw a photo of the contents of a woman’s bag years ago containing the usual items of wallet, card case, cosmetic bag etc, the difference was that they were all in the most beautiful colours I’d ever seen – yep, Hermès colours! I used to avoid bright colours on their own let alone together! Yet these colours were all different and didn’t clash, in fact they just intensified each other. That image had such an impact I decided there and then to do the same over time as and when my needs arose. And over time I noticed my wallet had become a most unattractive lump of jumbled receipts, vouchers, cards and cash. No matter how often I tidy it up, no sooner done than for it to happen again practically overnight – lumpier than ever! I’ve never been one for carrying everything but the kitchen sink in my bag so I realised perhaps only a little re-think was necessary. Not a complete overhaul but an adjustment to better suit my current and future needs whilst indulging in colours I love. Continue reading

Closet 2014: 3 Shades of Grey

Not 50, only 3 shades of grey that I found irresistable this season, more specifically 2 more coats to add to the collection, first the grey leather Whistles jacket:

GREYLEATHERCORDSI really wanted to try out some different colour combinations and explored the blues and greens here: a favourite Gap Boys’ check cotton shirt and here, Gap 1969 purple cords, Sam Edelman black nubuck boots and the Kelly 28 in Bleu de Prusse in swift leather.

GREY4I tried so hard to resist this coat by Vince. In the end it was futile, the ultra simple lines, no shoulder pads and beautiful texture are a winning combination that works casually and more formally with my most classic dresses. It has pockets in the side seams – pity it’s not reversible but we can’t have everything can we? Zara Girl’s cream jumper, Gap 1969 bf jeans and D Copenhagen fleece lined wedge boots also here. Continue reading

Twilly Tying

K28BDPI’m a fan of using a twilly on the handle because they add a splash of colour and pattern while serving the purpose of protecting the leather. It took a while to learn the basics of how to tie one on, I think there are several ways depending on personal preferance and the handle in question but here is how I do it. Continue reading

Travel: Basics, Pinks and Scale


Linking to Patti’s Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday sharing a post on my recent travels. Previous posts Travel: Brunch and Market, Travel: First Day

When I first started buying Kelly bags, wearing them casually was not my first aim. Happily, since then my life has become increasingly casual with ever decreasing formal opportunities. It was so hard to find my new sartorial casual ‘milieu’! And it’s only been this year that finally, I feel like I’m there and my beloved Kelly’s are very much part of it. Continue reading