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Shirtdress: Denim and Boots

DENIMDRESS3 I’ve been dying to wear this Banana Republic denim dress for the last few weeks, everyday the sun shone brightly and warmly (or so I thought from the cosiness of bed), I flung it on only to be forced back to change into warmer layers. I finally got to wear it if only briefly the other day. And it’s no coincidence if my look has a 70’s flavour 🙂 These Bally boots have been waiting patiently to come out too. I found them on *bay last year and the fit is perfect. Bally is one of my all time favourite go to brands for footwear. They’re more beige irl with the perfect height of stacked heels. Continue reading


Tweed, Camel and Kelly

My ‘Little Photographer’ had a giggle knowing she took this photo when I wasn’t ready!

This is a vintage Jaeger tweed jacket that is so warm and in perfect condition. I think it must be from the 70’s or very early 80’s before shoulder pads took over everything. I love tweed but have to ‘cheat’ to make sure I keep the general bulk to a minimum. The cut and details are superb and I always think how much care and attention they used to put into tailored clothes in the old days. The camel skirt is by S Max Mara and is one of my go to Winter skirts. I adore the leather of these old Bally pull on boots. I generally don’t like a big gap between the hemline and the top of the boots. And the Kelly fits right in – I feel like I’ve always had her.

Introducing Petite Pointers: skinny jeans

I used to be petite all over, like in height and in the waist but since the kids, the height is the same but the waist, well, you can imagine, though it is a lot better than it was. Regretfully in my formative fashion years, there were no such things as a range for petites, we just had to manage as best we could. Since this was during the 80’s – Dallas, Power Suits, Money and Flaunting It – it was a Sartorial Hell. I can only say that now some 3 decades on because at the time, I knew no different in real life, except in the fashion history books and biographies of Coco Chanel.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many advantages such as when I’m shopping for vintage clothes, most of the time they fitted me perfectly including the shoes! Nowadays practically every high street retailer carries their own range for petites. The choice is huge but not big enough sometimes so I’m including a new category for ‘normal’  items I’ve come across that would suit petites. So this is the first item: skinny dark blue wash cropped jeans by Gap snapped up during the sale. They have a zip at the ankles and this is as tight as I’ll ever wear anything! I love it with my pull on tall black leather Bally boots. These are a surprise because I never thought I could wear tight jeans but have become a wardrobe staple for me.

Here they are when I first spotted them on Gap online shopping.