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Trench and Denim

INSIDETRIMUseful Trim bag. When slightly too full to zip easily you can use the clasp closure for some measure of security, though I never usually overfill. Continue reading



NAVYTRILe quatorze juillet – la fĂȘte Nationale! I used to love being in Paris as a young teen in time for this event. It was never often because the school year in UK usually extended to the 3rd week in July. Those carefree times wandering around central Paris, the suburbs, visiting with family, friends and even doing the grocery shopping are such treasured memories for me growing up. I would plan out exactly where I wanted to go according to which exhibitions and other seasonal events were on. Other times would be spent looking in the boutiques, gardens, chateaux and the countryside. Bliss. I hope my own children will have the same opportunities soon. Continue reading

Recent Details

Owning a smartphone allows me to take close up details whenever I feel like it! You know me, always late to the party 🙂

RHPRINCESSE3Chambray Gap Men shirt, Gap 1969 bf jeans, vintage HermĂšs Princesse Rouge H alligator bag.RHPRINCESSE2The stitches are so tiny, they’re just a bit bigger than the pores. This is the nearest to the true colour in real life, a deep cherry red.TRENCHLILACWHITELilac The Cashmere Company jumper, Gap 1969 bf jeans, vintage Next belt, Burberry Havanne trench, CĂ©line chĂȘvre bag. BURBCELINECamel and Stone.

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Chambray and White Jeans

CHAMBRAYWHITEJEANSI LOVE wearing white pants here, here, here, here and here. These Gap 1969 white bf jeans were among the last flurry of jeans hoarding nearly a year ago but Spring was a wash out and I didn’t wear them all last Summer. The Chambray shirt is from Gap Men and a fantastic quality and make. Again, it’s passable for the denim shirt look. Continue reading

Grey and Rouge H

GREYROUGEHI wear a lot of greys and knew to add brights to liven it up but rich colours also work for me like this HermĂšs Drag bag in their signature Rouge H colour. It was a very casual weekend cooking a full Sunday roast for lunch for the family and such a beautiful day I took her out for the first time. Continue reading