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Closet Additions: White Shirt

KHAKIWHITE2I really love my one and only white shirt here, here and here by Burberry and wanted a slimmer, shorter version. After a long search I found it by Elizabeth and James. Continue reading

Indigo Love

SNEAKERSClarks Girl leather sneakers with elastic laces and hidden zip closure – fantastic if one is still learning to put shoes on all by oneself or an unfit, wide footed, middle aged mum! Wearing them with indigo denim – I promise I’ll put away all the jeans and wear other clothes once the weather warms up for good 🙂 Continue reading

Spring: Purple Chèvre

CHEVRETRIMLinking to Patti’s Not Dead Yet Style blog for Visible Monday #153

I don’t mean to give you a crick in the neck – so sorry –  but I’m still trying to find a good spot for photos 🙂 Very pleased to bring out another Trim (so this one isn’t lonely). Continue reading

Purple Patch

PURPLESI found some very old photos recently that my mother discovered in some corner of her house during one of her infrequent clearing up sessions (these usually turn up yet more books my father loves to hoard). Looking through these photos, I realised just how little – in fact not at all – my tastes have changed over time. Only the interpretation had! And some things were forgotten or completely suppressed. One of the latter is my love for the colour purple and its various shades. When I was a kid, the Caran D’ache pencils immediately used up were the purple and magenta ones. I didn’t follow through in my teen years except for an unfortunate experiment with purple eyeshadow that made me look like I’d been beaten up. It wasn’t until some 30 years later that I started to crave more purple in my life! Continue reading

Recent Details

Owning a smartphone allows me to take close up details whenever I feel like it! You know me, always late to the party 🙂

RHPRINCESSE3Chambray Gap Men shirt, Gap 1969 bf jeans, vintage Hermès Princesse Rouge H alligator bag.RHPRINCESSE2The stitches are so tiny, they’re just a bit bigger than the pores. This is the nearest to the true colour in real life, a deep cherry red.TRENCHLILACWHITELilac The Cashmere Company jumper, Gap 1969 bf jeans, vintage Next belt, Burberry Havanne trench, Céline chêvre bag. BURBCELINECamel and Stone.

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