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A Little Distress


One fine, cold morning wearing my bf Gap 1969 jeans. These were among the very first batch of bf jeans I bought 2 years ago after a decade of not wearing any denim at all. They get the least amount of wear due to the distress details – I have to be certain I’m only running home errands and/or only with children. But I should wear them more because they fit so well. Continue reading


Travel: City Break – Day 3 Hermès//Dinner Part II

halzangreenI had to split Day 3 into 2 because of so many photos. The Hermès Halzan bag that I got to meet later …. The store was on 3 levels, ground held the shawls, scarves and other accessories. The sales ladies were a lot friendlier than I expected! I greeted them as I entered which is very normal politeness of course and began to look around. One approached me to ask if I needed help and as I was interested in the shawls, that’s how our interaction continued. Since the neither the shawls nor scarf I wanted were available, I asked about bags and they directed me to the 3rd floor where there were also the Ladies RTW and Homeware. Continue reading

Travel: Plane Easy

AIRPORT2014 Wrecked but we made it to the airport minus a couple of things forgetten in the rush – this is not my usual mode I must point out, however, it was beyond my control and lesson learnt for future preventative measures 🙂 So the chinos and shirt combination won for long haul travel wear and very comfy it was too. Continue reading

Geo Print Forever


I’m in holiday preparation mode this week and scheduling posts until I catch up starting with this from last year that I never got round to actually posting:

Hands down Best Holiday Dress 2013 is this! For extreme versatility and ease of care – truly wash and wear no ironing needed (I normally iron anything that claims to be non-iron but this really is non iron). Continue reading

Spring: Fatigue(s)

KHAKISBLUETomboy dressing again … this is actually one of my classic favourites on a man. When I went on the first date … well technically not but turned out to be … you know how these things go with the ONE who started out as a NOBODY until the Universe Aligned just so .. he was wearing exactly this combination of blue shirt and chinos 🙂 Continue reading

Khaki and White

TARTE Tarte aux fruits exotiques – just had to have it 🙂 when we took a tea break at a café.KHAKIWHITE3Sightseeing day so it had to be the flats. I really like how the metallic effect works with the white skirt. The J Crew khaki silk shirt is so lovely to wear. It’s soft and not see through with really nice details such as buttoned breast pockets and deep cuffs closed by double buttons. Continue reading