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Check Shirt and Short Trench


The school holidays are upon us this week and I’ve been busy not just with the kids but a big project so haven’t had the chance to prepare anything special for Chinese New Year of the Ram. We’ll be going out to dinner but had wanted to do something at home which is now one more thing to put off for another few weeks …

So mild the day I wore this outfit last week, no need for a scarf even! Very casual weekend wear for me. Continue reading


Ode to Clarks Shoemaker

Clarks have been making shoes since 1825 and my family have been customers for several decades. My parents bought their footwear exclusively from them – you know those men’s wide strap sandals – yep, my father’s favourite style. For me, it was a ritual to start every school term with getting my feet measured followed by new shoes. I still have a polaroid they took in store of us when my youngest who was a very early walker got her first pair of shoes. My Boy has the widest feet and most everything in other shoe shops are simply too narrow for him except the canvas skater styles. If I can find leather versions for him, I know he’d happily wear them forever. My Tween is just coming to the tricky stage of wanting more fashionable styles yet with the same comfort she’s been used to all her life. We’ll have to see how that pans out.–VELVETBOWSMy girls were not happy at all their sizes in this style sold out already. It’s purple leather with a purple velvet bow. I wasn’t expecting such lusciousness this side of Christmas! They even came wrapped up so nicely with an extra layer of tissue to protect the bows. I’d better start stalking the shops and online for fear of a mutiny! Continue reading

Denim Skirt and Chambray Shirt

DENIMCHAMBRARY Introducing my second denim skirt, my only other one is a dark denim pencil style with a front pleat that I don’t wear often. This one looks like I’ve had it forever complete with frayed hem and I’m sorry to say it didn’t come from a charity shop – not for lack of looking over the years, believe me! Continue reading

Travel: Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

GUIDEThe driver (above) would stop every now and then for us to take photos by the road side.

ETA: Oh my giddy Aunt, I forgot about the blog paaardy over at Maison Bentley Style! Ooops sorry, I knew there was a reason I posted this yesterday in preparation for a 9am start this morning but plans turned into going swimming at 9am with the kids etc..etc…Anyway, here I am doing something I would never knowingly sign up for, not even for a dare, nor a bet, no way in fact but I managed – for me – an extreme sport, rock climbing without harness, rope or crampons. I wore only a black pair of Zara trousers, a flimsy H&M viscose tee, Clarks metallic leather flats and a silk Oasis scarf too small to fashion into a sling should any bone breakages occured. Thank you Guardian Angel for our safe return to terra firma! And Thank You to Kate for hosting!

REDROADDriving on.

ROAD11The red hills we saw from afar were now left behind.RESTAURANTTo be replaced with a river, rocks and boulders. We stopped for lunch, it was really nice to walk across the little wooden bridge and sit at the tables on the other bank shaded by the trees. We’ll save sitting right in the middle of the river bed for next time… Continue reading

Travel: Excursion

TEETRSThe day started safely enough with a hearty brunch since we booked a tour to visit a Berber village in the valley outside the city. This was the quickest tour, the others involved 5+ hours of driving in the desert or the Atlas mountains. LIFTTEETRS ROAD1We were in a small transit van of a bus, 2 other couples and an elderly French gentleman. ROAD2The roads were mostly like this to start with. Continue reading

Cosy Camel Duo

CAMELCOATAsleep again – sorry! This is my beloved pure camel hair coat by Jaeger. It was vintage when I bought it several years ago. Even the pockets are lined with the same material and the sleeves are nice and wide to accommodate layers. I took this coat on a short visit to Beijing in January 2010 – yes, it was colder there than I’ve ever been in my whole life x10!!

TWEENDUFFLEHere’s my bright eyed little cuddly Tween girl in her new duffle coat from Monsoon. I wanted a light coloured coat for her for a change but wondering how long it’ll last because she’s pretty hard on her things. The faux fur has a little burgundy in the camel/beige and is really lovely. The fur trim is removeable so when it gets a little warmer, we’ll unbutton it off so she has a different look – I love flexible wardrobe pieces! Here’s how quickly she’s catching up with me at 11 years old…..

CAMELDUOThanks for reading!

Tween Style

Wearing some of her holiday clothes and accessories. Everytime I look at her, she’s changing and *ahem* developing…..scary!

She just threw on her brother’s new parka – I’ve gone parka mad and love this one for the sandy colour and how well made it is.