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Classic Black Box and Peep Toes

BBKINDIGOcloseI was trying to get the pearls in with the Kelly. I don’t often wear the pearls and I should a lot more again. Continue reading


Khaki and Brique

KHAKIBRIQUEJune already – halfway through the year – can’t believe it! I guess most of that was taken up with preparing, moving and unpacking for me – see the growing hill of green? Well another great thing about khaki is that I love wearing it with rusty, reddish brown accessories. Of all the reds out there, I think this is the most versatile for me – softer than orange or true reds. Continue reading

Lime and Flared Denim

LOCKETA close up of the vintage locket and the proportion of the length. I’d like an even bigger one ..LIMEDENIMI underwent a skirt update at the end of last year. Together with the cashmere cosiness, there was this classic A line blue denim and this flared version by Sonia Rykiel. Continue reading

Spring Khaki

KHAKIUTILITYLinking to Patti’s Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday

Two years ago I realised more green was needed in my wardrobe. I’ve always loved the colour but having such a huge number of variations made it hard to narrow down the actual shades best for me. Continue reading

Indigo Love

SNEAKERSClarks Girl leather sneakers with elastic laces and hidden zip closure – fantastic if one is still learning to put shoes on all by oneself or an unfit, wide footed, middle aged mum! Wearing them with indigo denim – I promise I’ll put away all the jeans and wear other clothes once the weather warms up for good ­čÖé Continue reading

Closet Basics: Spring Denim

SPRINGDENIM4Linking to Happines at Midlife for the Thursday Throw Back link up

I do apologise for the hair! It has a mind of its own … So I’m finally embracing the concept of a uniform when in casual mode and in Spring, this has to be mostly about denim. And I am loving this little navy cotton trench! Continue reading

Loose Woman

LOOSENEUTRALSI’m squeezing out the last of the light cottons before Autumn sets in and having to reach for heavier versions. In fact I needed an outer layer but missed the chance to use the new short trench. Continue reading