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Closet Additions: Cape

CAPE2 This acquisition comes under the little space I’ve left for experimentation. I’ve always known instinctively, capes would overwhelm my frame both in their volume and length. But I still wanted to try and this blanket style finally satisfied my inner cowgirl and gives me a new silhouette. Continue reading


Tweed and Suede

TWEEDWe seem to be sheltered from the worst of the snow and freezing temperatures but did enjoy a brief little flutter which quickly turned to hail then very ordinary rain. I hope you’re safe and warm! Continue reading

Travel: City Break – Day 3 Hermès//Dinner Part II

halzangreenI had to split Day 3 into 2 because of so many photos. The Hermès Halzan bag that I got to meet later …. The store was on 3 levels, ground held the shawls, scarves and other accessories. The sales ladies were a lot friendlier than I expected! I greeted them as I entered which is very normal politeness of course and began to look around. One approached me to ask if I needed help and as I was interested in the shawls, that’s how our interaction continued. Since the neither the shawls nor scarf I wanted were available, I asked about bags and they directed me to the 3rd floor where there were also the Ladies RTW and Homeware. Continue reading

Travel: City Break – Day 3//Sightseeing//Museum Part I

TRAVELDAY3COUPA whole day of sightseeing! Details of my outfit and essential cross body bag mode. I’m having to split the day into 2 parts due to all the photos. Continue reading

Blue and Gold

BLUEGOLD2This was me before going to stroll around the next town with my family towards the end of the holidays a fortnight ago. It was mild hence the lack of layers. Continue reading

If at first you don’t succeed….

MIDISKIRTHope you all had a fantastic New Year’s celebrations! Wishing you all Health, Happiness and Prosperity! My 2014 Style Resolution  begun already last week of mixing and matching. This is an old (circa 2006) Ted Baker pure wool pleated skirt, scarf and boots are relatively new. But erm no…not quite what I had in mind….MIDISKIRT4Better…I tucked the jumper (H&M Men) in properly and pulled on the knee boots (Sergio Rossi). Continue reading

London Baubles and Rain

XMASTREEThere’s no avoiding the rain or worse these last few weeks *sigh*. I wouldn’t mind so much if I had got round to clearing all the dead leaves off my grass and now they’re rotting away and poisoning the turf. [I haven’t had much luck at all with my grass and I’m dreading Spring!]BAUBLESAnyway we enjoyed a few hours of London and soaked (ha!) in the xmas decorations and spirit (Covent Garden) as we squashed – the crowds – our way around. Continue reading