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Spring: Lighten Up

NATURAL2Still very cold but often very bright and sunny recently so even though warmth continues to be a priority, I need to see and wear lighter colours. Continue reading


Cashmeres to Silk and Bouclé

SILKBOUCLE2Here from … Continue reading

Cashmere, Jeans and Kelly

BFCASHMERE3I’ve had these wedge heeled, fleece lined zip up ankle boots for a few years and struggled to wear them. They are warm, secure with a tread, walkeable height and wedge heels which I love. I think they were pre bf jeans discovery. Continue reading

Closet 2014: 3 Shades of Grey

Not 50, only 3 shades of grey that I found irresistable this season, more specifically 2 more coats to add to the collection, first the grey leather Whistles jacket:

GREYLEATHERCORDSI really wanted to try out some different colour combinations and explored the blues and greens here: a favourite Gap Boys’ check cotton shirt and here, Gap 1969 purple cords, Sam Edelman black nubuck boots and the Kelly 28 in Bleu de Prusse in swift leather.

GREY4I tried so hard to resist this coat by Vince. In the end it was futile, the ultra simple lines, no shoulder pads and beautiful texture are a winning combination that works casually and more formally with my most classic dresses. It has pockets in the side seams – pity it’s not reversible but we can’t have everything can we? Zara Girl’s cream jumper, Gap 1969 bf jeans and D Copenhagen fleece lined wedge boots also here. Continue reading

Selvedge Indigo and Camel

RAWANDCAMEL3Another Winter of another year, but the same blue cashmere scarf (Banana Republic) and trusty vintage camel coat 🙂 It’s a single breasted coat but I wear it as a wrap over because it’s almost 2 sizes too big (first bought it post babies etc..). This year I’m wearing it with Gap 1969 selvedge jeans (button fly) and grey fleece lined wedges. I suppose the turn ups look almost part of the booties.RAWANDCAMEL4It’s all neutral today and this is when I like a black bag as a contrast to the camel. You can see the studs on the base, Ferragamo did this before Alexander Wang was a twinkle in his parents’ eye! Continue reading

Winter: Bright Touches

BRIGHTTOUCH2I’ve never worn very bright outfits although I have a favourite deep red velvet top, much worn in the 90’s and a whole red dress (that I look forward to wearing come Spring/Summer). Accessories have been the saviours of my grey, cream, navy, black and beige scheme. Here is my orange Banana Republic scarf and red Hermès Bolide bag. Continue reading