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New Year Thanks and Goodwill to All


The years fly by faster the older one gets which means there’s less time to organise everything – that’s my story anyway and I have to stick to it! There’s no more powerful reminder of time marching on than watching my children grow up. I will have three teens soon enough and the thought scares me witless! Can’t lie about that. Of course there are many, many things that scare me as a mother which in turn makes me all the more grateful for their relative safety because of the terrible suffering of others we see and read about everyday all over the world. For me personally, war and acts of terrorism reawaken a fear that only those who have also been touched by war can feel. I don’t think this fear will ever disappear until our world becomes entirely peaceful – like an Utopia. Continue reading


Lilac and Neutrals

LILACDALVY I’m still loving the year’s wardrobe mixing and matching task! This lilac cotton top is vintage by Escada bought many years ago together with a mint colour version and they have both had a lot of use. Skirts are a very important part of my wardrobe all year round particularly in Spring/Summer. This one is by Massimo Dutti from last year also here and here. I’m so pleased to have rediscovered the old sleeveless shirts to go with it now. Continue reading

Small Town to Big City

I spent a couple of days (sans enfants) in London and enjoyed it a lot! It was just long enough to relax and reflect before any kind of boredom had the chance to set in. As a former resident I never had the need to stay in a hotel in the capital before. It’s really nice to re-discover London as a mock-country-dwelling-tourist.

CCH On the train: Brown Caviar Chanel Jumbo, Hermès Coup de Fouet scarf, envirosax. I love train travel when it’s off peak and empty.GREY3I freshened up on our arrival at the hotel and changed into a grey shift with zip details (Michael Kors) for a buffet dinner. The cardigan is my old faithful cashmere (Escada) with a couple of Hermès cuffs, python Jimmy Choo kitten heels and caviar Chanel Jumbo. That drawing by Picasso behind me happens to be one of my most favourites. Continue reading

Softness and Structure


Linking to Patti’s Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday

Generally for me, comfort becomes higher and higher priority as time goes on both in terms of work appropriate wear and for weekends. There was a time when it seemed like I had 2 different types of clothes for each but then gradually found a happy medium to satisfy my love of tailoring and structure and softer, often knitted pieces. You can see the light snow flurry against my bag, such is our UK Spring up to this week. Continue reading

Tailored to the Snow

BLUESBLACKThis must be one of my most mixed up outfits in terms of number of brands – 11 in total including sunglasses! And that’s how I like it. So April brings snow and not the usual rain showers though you can’t quite see it in the photo. The temperature was barely above freezing but by now, I’ve had quite enough practice dressing warmly without resorting to eiderdown, fleece nor quilting 🙂

A simple J Crew long sleeve tee, vintage Escada cashmere cardigan, wool Crombie coat by Tommy Hilfiger, Zara peg top trousers, patent leather brogues by Apologie, finished off with Banana Republic cashmere stole wrapped around 3 times, vintage Topshop beret, Hermès belt, old M&S leather gloves and Versace studded bag that’s proved to be pretty weatherproof.

Spring Edit 2013: trousers and brogues

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Black Forever

I went through a decade of not wearing black during the years my children were born as a detox from everything associated with corporations and London. When they were all school age, I resisted still and even had a little purge of black bags in my collection once I started my closet audit over 2 years ago. Along the way, I acquired some slightly different black things mainly jeans and trousers that were required for casual outfits. Also I found, surprisingly, that black dresses and shoes worked so well for me even during Spring and Summer. For the Autumn and Winter came knee boots to go with everything. And finally came the last few black accessories to complete the return of black to my closet. I’ve come full circle.chloe-moretz-afp_2458313aVery scary how sophisticated teen Chloe Moretz looks in her all black outfit – I really like it except for the too high heels. Here are more favourite black looks and my own… Continue reading

Winter Pales and Hermès Barenia Evelyne

WINTERPALESorry for the blurry photo but it was such a dark and damp morning! To dispel the gloominess I like to wear pale colours in Winter. Everything I’m wearing is either vintage when I got it or several years old except for the bf Gap jeans and the wedge booties.

The vintage Hermès Evelyne bag is so lovely and the Barenia leather’s simply dreamy! It looks quite a large bag on me and alas even though I’m small, I still need to carry the same amount of stuff as everyone else. There are different versions of the shoulder strap and mine is non adjustable so fortunately it’s the right length for me. A little more about it here

I make a point never to wish time away because it goes by so very fast but for a moment let’s just pretend it’s Spring already!

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