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Travel: City Break Packing

CITYLOOKSCOLLAGEI’m going on a short city break in Europe next month and starting the process of packing early by looking back at some outfits that I like, were comfortable and could be appropriate for the season, place and occasion. Continue reading


Closet 2014: Reflections, Reactions and Thank You!

BLACKBLUES I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! We’re still trying to get back to routine and a new year brings changes that have to be accommodated somehow. I’ve been reading with much interest everyone’s resolutions or lack thereof or anti resolutions and thinking about what I’m going to do this year. Continue reading

If at first you don’t succeed….

MIDISKIRTHope you all had a fantastic New Year’s celebrations! Wishing you all Health, Happiness and Prosperity! My 2014 Style Resolution  begun already last week of mixing and matching. This is an old (circa 2006) Ted Baker pure wool pleated skirt, scarf and boots are relatively new. But erm no…not quite what I had in mind….MIDISKIRT4Better…I tucked the jumper (H&M Men) in properly and pulled on the knee boots (Sergio Rossi). Continue reading

Textures: Leather, Lace and Fluff

LEATHERSKIRT An essential ongoing goal for a die hard Classicist like me is to wear more textures so here is the Mango alpaca asymmetric jumper, Inks & Iris leather skirt (snapped up in the Summer) and lacy tights – from a stack of textured tights I grabbed from TK Maxx in January this year. Continue reading

London Baubles and Rain

XMASTREEThere’s no avoiding the rain or worse these last few weeks *sigh*. I wouldn’t mind so much if I had got round to clearing all the dead leaves off my grass and now they’re rotting away and poisoning the turf. [I haven’t had much luck at all with my grass and I’m dreading Spring!]BAUBLESAnyway we enjoyed a few hours of London and soaked (ha!) in the xmas decorations and spirit (Covent Garden) as we squashed – the crowds – our way around. Continue reading

Pub Lunch and Bright Scarf

GARLICMUSHROOMHello! Sorry for the radio silence – I’m still alive if only just – this year, everything’s crazier than last! TOMSOUPSo the gatherings with family and friends have begun. Recently we were at a pub. The tomato soup was a little too sweet. SMOKEHADDOCKSmoke Haddock was a touch too salty. JACKETPOTBaked potato was a little too crisp. BURRITO Burrito I believe, it was my brother’s and I heard no complaints! Continue reading

Selvedge Indigo and Camel

RAWANDCAMEL3Another Winter of another year, but the same blue cashmere scarf (Banana Republic) and trusty vintage camel coat 🙂 It’s a single breasted coat but I wear it as a wrap over because it’s almost 2 sizes too big (first bought it post babies etc..). This year I’m wearing it with Gap 1969 selvedge jeans (button fly) and grey fleece lined wedges. I suppose the turn ups look almost part of the booties.RAWANDCAMEL4It’s all neutral today and this is when I like a black bag as a contrast to the camel. You can see the studs on the base, Ferragamo did this before Alexander Wang was a twinkle in his parents’ eye! Continue reading