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Film Friday: Pride and Prejudice (2005)

PrideandprejudiceposterIt’s hard to know where to begin talking about a story that’s been so long in my mind and has many interpretations. This time it’s the 2005 film adaptation of the famous novel by Jane Austen. Continue reading


Film Friday: Lucy

I haven’t done a film review for a long while simply because I don’t get many chances to see grown up films so when the film ‘Lucy’ came out in the Summer holiday (way before its premier in the UK) I couldn’t believe my luck! Nor could a lot of other people because that weekend, cinema websites crashed and seats were sold out across many cinemas.indexThe draw was Luc Besson for me. I loved his films before realising they were his. His fans won’t be disappointed. I don’t think I’ve ever watched a film with Scarlett Johansson, amazing isn’t it except that she’s really not of my generation I guess. Anyway, I was very impressed by her portrayal of Lucy. Continue reading

Film Friday: Superman, Man of Steel (2013)

I haven’t been able to post Film Fridays for a long while and I had to this week – one word: Superman. I’ve been a long and faithful fan since the late Christopher Reeve donned the famous caped suit. And now after Brandon Roth here’s Henry Cavill, a British actor (who lost out to Roth at the time) picks up the baton.Superman-Man-of-Steel-Logo Continue reading

Film Friday: It Started in Naples (1960)

pdvd021uf0I have to talk about Sophia Loren! She’s in so many of my favourite films from my childhood. This one is not very well known but it rates as her most endearing and my Tween loves it too. Look at how current her colour block dress is! The little boy’s outfit has dated more. Loren plays Lucia, a cabaret singer and maternal Aunt to 9 year old Nando. Clark Gable is a lawyer from Philadephia who happens to be the boy’s paternal Uncle. It was the last film to be released during Gable’s lifetime.

Continue reading

Film Friday: Blade Runner (1982)

blade-runner-sean-young1Sean Young as Rachel was one of the most beautiful actresses I’d ever seen up to that point. I saw this film soon before leaving home to live in London and it made a huge impact on me. As a die hard sci-fi fan, this film had everything and more! A friend lent me the book (‘Do Robots Dream of Electric Sheep?) and I devoured that as well leaving me with thoughts that continue to linger about what it means to be human, life as we know it and beyond, technology, genetics, robots and the future of humankind no less! Continue reading