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Travel: Chinos and LBD Repeats

CHINOS2We went bowling in the mall with the kids and their friends. Luckily I was able to recycle the chinos that I wore as my travel outfit.  I went bowling only once before and this time I won! Continue reading


Film Night

FCPANTSRUGBY The pants strike again! The film was ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ and I missed seeing it at home so caught up while away. I liked the film and thought both Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise were very good in their respective roles. I last saw Emily Blunt in ‘Young Victoria’ so it couldn’t have been a bigger contrast! Tom, well you know his character showed depth. Continue reading

Travel: Dinner

ORCHIDSOne of the highlights of being away from home is getting together with old friends and enjoying the time like we just saw them yesterday. On this occasion we went for a dinner in beautiful surroundings and couldn’t ask for more. Continue reading

Better Late Than Never: Printed Pants

Oh I’ve admired this trend from afar for at least a couple of years – an age in fashion terms! In fact it’s no longer a *trend* 🙂 But I never found a print in the colours and scale I like until I saw these by French Connection from this post.

FCPANTSI was very surprised since it’s French Connection where I hadn’t shopped for decades and that the print turned out to be an exotic, Oriental type often found on sarongs so it felt instantly familiar and right. I’m very careful with prints in general since the scale and colours most often don’t work for me. Casual version with flats and tee also below. Continue reading

Review: Sandals, Printed Pants and Dress

SANDALS2 I was looking for a pair of black mid heel sandals because I love my low ones – they work so well in Summer. I did not want to spend too much and these by Sam Edelman popped up here. I really cannot fault them on the style, fit or price point (I got sent a discount code to use). They also have a Valentino Rockstud twin in nude here. Now I was tempted by them too – for about 20 seconds – but decided against.SANDALS3So here they are as it happens with my jeans. They are comfy from the box. Continue reading