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Closet Update: Straight Jeans and Trainers

JEANSTRAINERS3Jack Frost visited alright! It was ice cold but dry which makes a little difference in that I can bear to stand outside for photos without shivering uncontrollably. Continue reading


Seaside, Aquarium, Museum and Harbour

BREAKFAST1We managed to pack in a lot on our first full day on the coast! It started with a hearty breakfast … Continue reading

Home and Away

SOUTHSKYWe came back from holiday and shortly after went off to the South coast of England for a couple of days. The way there on the road was pretty boring. It was only when we got nearer the coast in the late afternoon that the scenery became more interesting.WINDMILLIf you look closely, there’s a little windmill on the hill to the left of centre. I absolutely love the UK countryside! Continue reading

Travel: Plane Easy

AIRPORT2014 Wrecked but we made it to the airport minus a couple of things forgetten in the rush – this is not my usual mode I must point out, however, it was beyond my control and lesson learnt for future preventative measures 🙂 So the chinos and shirt combination won for long haul travel wear and very comfy it was too. Continue reading

Spring: Fatigue(s)

KHAKISBLUETomboy dressing again … this is actually one of my classic favourites on a man. When I went on the first date … well technically not but turned out to be … you know how these things go with the ONE who started out as a NOBODY until the Universe Aligned just so .. he was wearing exactly this combination of blue shirt and chinos 🙂 Continue reading

Denim Skirt and Chambray Shirt

DENIMCHAMBRARY Introducing my second denim skirt, my only other one is a dark denim pencil style with a front pleat that I don’t wear often. This one looks like I’ve had it forever complete with frayed hem and I’m sorry to say it didn’t come from a charity shop – not for lack of looking over the years, believe me! Continue reading