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Closet Basics: Black Legging Jeans

SKINNYBLACK4I’m joining (late) with Happiness in Mid Life for my very first Throwback Thursday Link Up

I enjoyed wearing the white version so much last year here, here and here that I put the black version on the shopping list. In both cases I had sized up because I don’t wear anything as tight as leggings so they are effectively skinny fit on me. These are a nice stretch cotton and not the proper denim like these. Continue reading


Purple Patch

PURPLESI found some very old photos recently that my mother discovered in some corner of her house during one of her infrequent clearing up sessions (these usually turn up yet more books my father loves to hoard). Looking through these photos, I realised just how little – in fact not at all – my tastes have changed over time. Only the interpretation had! And some things were forgotten or completely suppressed. One of the latter is my love for the colour purple and its various shades. When I was a kid, the Caran D’ache pencils immediately used up were the purple and magenta ones. I didn’t follow through in my teen years except for an unfortunate experiment with purple eyeshadow that made me look like I’d been beaten up. It wasn’t until some 30 years later that I started to crave more purple in my life! Continue reading

Cashmere Layers

THALAJEANS Linking to Patti’s blog Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday #142

It’s cold and time to layer up! H Thalassa cashmere/silk mix shawl also here, H&M Men camel jumper, Mango cashmere cardi, Gap 1969 bf jeans, vintage M&S belt and vintage Kelly. I long dismissed the shawl for 2 reasons: I thought the size would overwhelm my frame and what is the point of having a cashmere mix with silk? Needless to say I was terribly wrong on both counts. Continue reading

Spring Basics: 3 x Pencil Skirts


Linking to Patti’s Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday!

We’re enjoying the last bit of time before normal chaos routine starts next week 🙂 I love wearing skirts all the year round and recently Jill of Everything Just So and Adrienne of A Rich Life (on a budget) featured skirts on their fantastic ‘How I Wear My..’ series.

So this is my first pencil skirt outfit of the holidays. The nautical knit jacket is Banana Republic from a year ago here and the grey wool skirt is also BR from 2 years before that so you know I’m still mixing.PENCILWith the navy version of the little vintage lambswool jumper by M&S (camel colour here), white Rag & Bone brogues and vintage bamboo handle croco bag.DGPENCILSecond outfit with the floral pattern D&G – this is the only item of the brand I own and the fit is very nice indeed. On this occasion dressed down with a camel cotton jumper by H&M Men and Cobra Society slippers. Continue reading

Spring Coat and Kelly

CHINOSKELLY3I’m struggling with the transition to Spring – can you tell? It was still grey and wet most days last week where I am but undeniably light and I’m just thrown off as always at the beginning. I need to dress up and reset the balance. In the meantime, I’m really enjoying my old Burberry coat in mostly wool, with a detachable hood and big patch pockets. It can withstand a shower but not a downpour and has to be nicely hung up to dry off afterwards indoors otherwise it will crease horribly. Here originally and here.

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A Modern Step: Bomber

BOMBERI’m long overdue a jacket update and didn’t realise it until now. Not that I need another jacket but an update and that’s why I’ve allowed myself the bomber: a kid’s one from Zara. Last year, a baseball jacket was on my shopping list and there was a most perfect version at Gap Boys, trouble was it came out huge then sold out. I wasn’t going to make the same mistake and snapped this up in the sales pronto! Continue reading

February Layers and Textures

BLUEGREENSLayering never came naturally to me and I always avoided it if possible. Last year I decided to practice and learn how to make it work. So here is a tan cotton H&M Men jumper, some purple cords also here an old Zara knit jacket (really warm). BLUEGREENS2Topped with a light reversible raincoat (vintage Aquascutum) with a really lovely check pattern (includes blue which picks up the blue of the cords and in my vintage scarf). Previously I would not have worn the jacket and simply thrown a thick coat over. This way I get to use my jacket and a raincoat normally for Spring. I also really like the mix of colours and textures – bonus!

BLUEGREENSCLOSEI like to think the green of my ostrich bag (vintage Céline), thrifted vintage scarf and wedge ankle boots help to hold everything together….

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