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Another Cherry on my ‘H’ Cake

K32RH78CLOSEWhat can I say except I couldn’t resist? Continue reading


Twilly Tying

K28BDPI’m a fan of using a twilly on the handle because they add a splash of colour and pattern while serving the purpose of protecting the leather. It took a while to learn the basics of how to tie one on, I think there are several ways depending on personal preferance and the handle in question but here is how I do it. Continue reading

Travel: Basics, Pinks and Scale


Linking to Patti’s Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday sharing a post on my recent travels. Previous posts Travel: Brunch and Market, Travel: First Day

When I first started buying Kelly bags, wearing them casually was not my first aim. Happily, since then my life has become increasingly casual with ever decreasing formal opportunities. It was so hard to find my new sartorial casual ‘milieu’! And it’s only been this year that finally, I feel like I’m there and my beloved Kelly’s are very much part of it. Continue reading