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Garden Purple and Kelly Green (again)

CLEMATIS2The second Summer for our Clematis in the garden ready to burst open.CLEMATISLike so, they are more dramatic than last year’s with more petals. I just love flowers. The dark green leaves and purple echo the Kelly and Violet KDT bracelet I am loving. Continue reading


The Wrong Cardi

WRONGCARDI15 Putting on my gloves and off to a morning meeting that included coffee and mince pies. I had thought about what to wear and decided on the pieces a couple days before but didn’t have a dress rehearsal 🙂 I was looking forward to wearing my Ralph Lauren cashmere skirt again here, here, this time with the Theory long black coat in keeping with the longer length. Continue reading

Closet Audit 2015: the Hermès Kelly Part 2

KBRIQUERIVEFLEUVEFollowing on from Part 1 here.

I must point out that I’m a long time vintage fan, of clothes, accessories and furniture so it was completely natural for me to seek out vintage Kelly’s at the start. All the things that attract me to vintage clothes etc.. apply to a vintage Kelly. I believe the materials and craftsmanship are superior to the modern versions and I prefer the unique look they have. My newest Kelly is from 2010, my oldest from 1968. Continue reading

Black and Blush

BOYISHKAs the temperature continues to drop slowly but surely, my colour palette darkens first with accessories then the clothes. And out comes the delicate blush cashmere by Eric Bompard also here to retain some lightness.

BOYISHK3I feel very confident and comfortable in this outfit and variations of. My Kelly is the perfect companion for the whole day! Um, sorry about the bad feet positioning! Continue reading