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Closet Update: New Length

NEWLENGTHThis is it, the new skirt for this season that I bought since early Summer and couldn’t wait to wear. It’s by Ralph Lauren in pure cashmere. The colour is black but the grey stripes lighten it up. Continue reading


Travel: City Break – Day 2//Breakfast//Dinner

XPRESSBREAKFAST2The hotel’s ‘Express Breakfast’. The porridge like thing in the preserve jar is ‘birchermuësli’ and was delicious! It was my first time. You can find some info on it here. A good breakfast is very important to me at home and doubly so when away. The croissant was also yummy and the latte strong – the next morning I had to ask for a side jug of hot milkto dilute it with. My little blue Karo was very useful for coming down for breakfast without having to bring my whole bag. I’m not the most cheerful person first thing in the morning. The best thing is allow me to get to the kitchen or buffet for breakfast! It’s not that I’m very hungry when I wake up – like my son for example (actually he’s hungry all the time but that’s another story!) – but I can eat quite a big breakfast, light Continental or heavier cooked either English style or Oriental (broth/soups/noodles etc). However, I’ve yet to try the raw or smoked fish selection that was once on offer. Continue reading

Seaside, Aquarium, Museum and Harbour

BREAKFAST1We managed to pack in a lot on our first full day on the coast! It started with a hearty breakfast … Continue reading

‘Celebrity’ Dinner


Linking to Patti’s Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday – with something a little different from me this time!

As promised this is the result of my ‘Formal Attire’ occasion. Above is the navy blue jersey dress by ASOS. I was pretty decided on not buying anything designer or super expensive, afterall it’s not going to be a work horse item for me 🙂 Everything else I already owned, however I did purchase some new make up stuff that’s long overdue.

EVEVELVET2 So, you see how I’m a couple of feet shorter than the model 😉 Continue reading

Night to Day

BROCADE2 I’ve wanted a brocade skirt like this for so long! It has a layer of net underneath to make it stand out so is a real evening skirt but I wanted to wear it daytime too 🙂 So here’s one version. The skirt is by Red Valentino and the blouse is Banana Republic (last year’s Summer sales). The shoes are Jimmy Choo python kitten heels – why not throw in some more pattern and texture while I’m at it! A couple of years ago I couldn’t even conceive of experimenting like this but now, why the hell not? It felt very comfortable and a litle bit special.

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