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Leather, Suede and Cashmere

LEATHERCASHMERE3A repeat of the first time I put the the suede boots and leather skirt together here. It’s a very comfortable outfit for me and the puffer coat makes it a bit more casual but I could have worn a pea or a long coat. Continue reading


Berry Shades and Camel hair

K32CAMEL2Freezing and windy combined is a weather condition I find particularly hard to deal with. Freezing and dry with a bit of sun thrown in, I can happily oblige as you can see. I didn’t even need my trusty beret but from chin downwards I’m cosy covered. Continue reading

Closet 2014: 3 Shades of Grey

Not 50, only 3 shades of grey that I found irresistable this season, more specifically 2 more coats to add to the collection, first the grey leather Whistles jacket:

GREYLEATHERCORDSI really wanted to try out some different colour combinations and explored the blues and greens here: a favourite Gap Boys’ check cotton shirt and here, Gap 1969 purple cords, Sam Edelman black nubuck boots and the Kelly 28 in Bleu de Prusse in swift leather.

GREY4I tried so hard to resist this coat by Vince. In the end it was futile, the ultra simple lines, no shoulder pads and beautiful texture are a winning combination that works casually and more formally with my most classic dresses. It has pockets in the side seams – pity it’s not reversible but we can’t have everything can we? Zara Girl’s cream jumper, Gap 1969 bf jeans and D Copenhagen fleece lined wedge boots also here. Continue reading

Closet 2014: Matches Fashion – Shopping List 2/3

I had the pleasure of discovering a very nice online experience with Matches Fashion recently. Of course, I hadn’t aimed to expand on where I shop but it was simply a case of them offering exactly what I was looking for AND on sale!

The Matches Fashion sale is on final reductions in case anyone would like a little look 🙂

LANBOOTSBeautifully boxed. LANBOXI tried Lanvin shoes before and was disappointed with the quality and fit so was anxious to try again. Continue reading

A Modern Step: Leather and Suede

I meant to post something about Updating and Modernising one’s closet by way of discussing this point reached in my own journey, but I’ll simply show a look that somehow emerged on Sunday morning.

Linking to Patti’s Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday

LEATHERSUEDEI knew what I wanted to wear on top and on my feet but struggled with the bottoms rejecting all the skirts until I got to this leather one also here. It felt instantly right and I don’t know if it’s a coincidence that leather and suede do so much together!  Continue reading

Oscar favourites

Had a quick look and spied some lovely choices and equally some that are….not.  First these are the pale ladies. Halle Berry looks like she’s Venus floating on her very own cloud of tulle. Hilary Swank forgot her jewels maybe thinking her beaded and feathered dress would be enough. It’s not Hilary. Nicole Kidman [shaking my head] has been ill advised. The dress does not fit properly and it’s too long even for her height. She rarely nails it and I really feel sorry for her that she didn’t wear something more suited to her personality. It’s worse that she’s next to Gwyneth Paltrow who’s got that 70’s tan-maxi-sequin-hippy-hair-hip-chain-belt thing going on. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it actually suits her. Hailee Steinfeld apparently co-designed her gown and looks a sweet vision. I think comments are too harsh on Melissa Leo’s choice of yummy thick lace gown. The line is great but it looks 2 sizes too big and too long yet she still changed to flats later – flats at the Oscars?! Whatever next? Mandy Moore isn’t really wearing a dress, I agree with the Daily Mail’s description that she was sprayed with sequins. It’s such a non dress, yes, have sequins by all means but make a little effort with the rest? Click at the jump for the other ladies and my fav black outfits.

Continue reading